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In Nizhnekamsk have already opened a beach season

Meanwhile the Kazan sandy coast are not ready to accept yet pljazhnikov

While inhabitants of capital of republic are in expectation of the warm sun and official opening of beaches, nizhnekamtsy have decided that already it is time. And tenants of a city beach on the bank of Kama (in Nizhnekamsk there is only one beach which has the right to be called as lawful!) Have met fresh-air fiends and a wind. And on the eve of the Victory feast the beach season has been officially opened.

However, while wishing to bathe was not, painfully water cold. As visitors speak, here they come not to water to dive, and to communicate to friends and to dance. In general to have fun. Did not confuse nizhnekamtsev and that for an input it was necessary to pay about 100 roubles.

and that the townspeople, decided to open a beach season, have not frozen, them warmed up local stars. Tenants and security measures for the acting have provided. So that excited with dancings nizhnekamtsy did not stick to the singing girls, the second have placed for a lattice...

meanwhile tenants of the Kazan beaches strenuously for the present prepare the sand to season opening. Official opening of a swimming season in capital to republic will take place on June, 1st. And already on May, 20th the state commission will examine the Kazan coast and will voice last advice on arrangement of beaches.