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Children on a feast demand rubber women

At last - that and the fashion has come to us to arrange unusual feasts for friends and relatives. Habitual feasts at the advanced inhabitants of Volgograd are considered now as a bad form. Local showmen began to go in capital to study at colleagues to spend parties. We have learnt, how townspeople with a different prosperity come off.

“ Sex in a big city “ on - volgogradski

This history to me was told ustroitelnitsa feasts by Svetlana Saraeva:
- Me have invited for “ professional studies “ to visit 1μξκπσώ “ a party. Its showmen from Moscow and Saratov in the house of one abrupt businessman arranged. All visitors have received in advance invitations with such note: “ do not forget a bathing suit/ fusion “. Earlier such parties I saw only at cinema. In a two-storeyed cottage to the people has gathered the person hundred. At covered pool on a terrace the people were entertained by girls in bathing suits of modelling appearance, among dancing beauties I have noticed pair of the Volgograd actresses.

Nearby visitors - men (businessmen and gangsters) tried “ to tame “ pythons, boas and bear cubs: the trainer explained that it can be dangerous, but very few people listened to it. While the people were pumped up by alcohol, I have glanced in a drawing room.

- Well little girls, who now Keri, and who of Charlottes? - Asked the dressed up and painted teenagers of show - vumen Anastas. - attention, a double 5, we remove.

Kiddies had a good time under the full program: under own scenario “ Sex in a big city “ learnt roles and shot on a film videocamera.

Rich men peck on “ water-nymphs - davalochek “

- I Come here every month. 500 dollars pay for one weekend to me, - admitted the organizer of feasts from Saratov Nastja Maslov. - In Volgograd I work under the scenarios which have been won back of the house. At myself I worry - suddenly someone from visitors already was on my show: after all easily scandal will arrange. And at you the people “ wild “: it is possible to banish scenarios of last year - and all will be delighted.

Abrupt children attacked in the meantime show - vumen:
- You have brought to us the rubber woman? Ur! - the inflatable aunt from sex - a shop has gone on hands of teenagers.

Boys with delight felt outstanding delights sex - bombs. Then the aunt have established in the middle of a room and began to shoot on it balls from a paint. I have hastened to adults: judging by wails, there began show.

- we Play “ the water-nymph - davalochku “! - the uncle in pink swimming trunks with pastes declared. - for beginners I explain rules: all women by turns step on the stage - the soundtrack plays, they sing. Who does not learn a song, becomes the water-nymph. So … - the leader with pleasure has scratched a thick tummy. - Undresses!

the striptease Has begun. I have hidden in a secluded corner, in hope when passions imperceptibly will cease to get out on will.

- In vain you do not come off. I so have picked up the husband, - the wife of the owner of large shop has broken my loneliness of Liza. - danced, it was delayed, it and has pecked on my forms. Itself did not expect that is serious: thought, pokuvyrkaemsja few times and all. It has appeared - the destiny, in the summer wedding was. Have gone!

- Is not present, I here have casually appeared. And already I go, - has tried to get rid of the importunate long-legged blonde faster.
in the end of evening there was a fireworks and a carnival. For it with itself(himself) nobody brought suits: organizers have taken care of dresses.

On a feast it is possible to reserve though zmeeglotatelja.

Kopperfild for 500 re lays down on sabres

At rich whims much, but mere mortals too presume to come off to themselves under the full program. Now a fashion on creative parties in the heat.

- the People gradually are liberated, agrees on unusual scenarios. Now I am engaged in the organisation of the Brazilian carnival, - has told known in our city of show - vumen Natalia Denikin.

- Inhabitants of Volgograd like to reserve tricks with circulation on the glass, the heated coals. It is pleasant, when I on sabres lay down, of fire I swallow. Focuses I show - while nobody has convicted of a deceit. In delight the people from representations with animals and birds. As podopjut - and start to squeeze my pythons, pheasants, hanurikov, parrots, hawks. The blessing at me pupils have got used to such tendernesses, - the popular conjurer and showman Arcady Motyl laughs. - the Trick of this season - taming of snakes. We can all: super - a disco zabatsat, fight of cocks to arrange. The prices the most different depending on possibilities of the client: hour of class show costs 500 roubles.

Offers on the organisation of feasts in the newspaper of announcements full. Having rung out pieces forty, I have found the actress of one of local theatres who has agreed to come for 400 roubles per day a birth to the son of my friend. The aunty has brought with itself a heap of suits and toys. It has forced to laugh loudly and have fun with all the heart not only children, but also adults. In an one-room five-storey apartment block it appears it is possible and mini - performance to organise and show “ the cleverest “. Having fulfilled three and a half an hour, the actress has eaten with us, has drunk and has unexpectedly offered:
- Little girls, at me are acquaintances, for hundred dollars a party for adults organise with a class striptease. Do not want?
- not - and.
- If that be converted: all is possible. And with Grandfathers for New year already now it is necessary to reserve Snow Maidens.

And still there was a case

Fans of one of the most sexual actors of Volgograd of Michael Larin have told to our here what story. Misha (plays in adults and children`s performances TJUZa and at youth theatre) at leisure earned additionally, having different feasts and parties at the provided inhabitants of Volgograd. And here once him have invited to organise Birthday of one nice girl. She - a daughter of well-founded parents, has seen Larin`s handsome man in a leading role in performance “ These free butterflies “ and Michael very much was pleasant to it. After that it has been organised “ casual “ acquaintance at the bottom a birth. It in couple of months has ended with wedding.

the Comment of the psychologist

Nina Sadontseva :
- If to teenagers regularly to arrange feasts with a sexual bias: rubber women and etc. these children will grow too liberated in respect of sex, to them will seem that all is permitted. It will lead to problems in dialogue with women normal (not a lung) behaviour. If the child has once visited on a similar feast - no trouble. And on a broader scale a fashion on original carrying out of days of births, feasts - the phenomenon very good. People have the present moral satisfaction, and emotions which help to look with optimism at life.

the Price list

100 - 200 roubles - hour kostjumirovannogo a feast, with pensjami - pljakami, competitions
500 - 700 roubles - in hour of dialogue with animals, the clown and its cheerful assistants
from 10 000 roubles - for an abrupt feast with fashionable counters (the text see)