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In Volgograd the drummer of group Mongol Shuudan has fallen asleep in a grand piano

In a past week-end in Volgograd stayed known fate - group Mongol Shuudan . Having won back on Saturday a concert, stars remained for one day - to take a walk on a city, to visit its sights. has suggested to become per day the guide, and Mongols with pleasure have agreed.

In 11. 00 we have met at hostel the Tourist also have gone on Mamayev Kurgan. On the way soloists otovarilis in a local little shop cigarettes, beer Miller and cognac Hennesi, have accepted for sugreva on a chest and while we reached memorial top, told bajki about tours in our area.

- And remember, - there has begun the soloist and the author of songs Valery Skoroded, - last time we were carried in Frolovo. At them there is psihbolnitsa. When we have arrived, patients so were delighted - not every day to star district come. Doctors have decided to start up on a concert of the most quiet loonies. We only have started singing, these loonies povyskakivali and have started such to throw out a pretzel, well, in sense, to dance that then already very few people paid attention to us.

- And still I here hardly have not ruined the car. Meal on personal Volkswagen road such equal, just made, has sped up and suddenly - a heap of stones. To brake was already late, and I was beautifully entered the rehouse directly on the centre. Well, the car - that we for couple of days have repaired, and here Gajs, the sound producer who during failure sat on forward sitting so has hit a head that then stammered two days.

... In the morning of walk on Mamayev to a barrow.

When we have approached to a monument Trouble of mother musicians began to ask, why Mamayev a barrow so is called, and why Stalingrad was Tsaritsinym earlier.

- And I also did not know that you here had a river the Tsarina in which honour named also a city, - keyboard player Edward Tenorov was surprised. - I - that thought that here there lived tsars earlier...

while the group part has gone to a museum Fighting glory Ed has decided to come in the Temple of all sacred to put candles for the peace of victims in Stalingrade. Very much was upset, when has learnt that not completed church still is closed.

Back musicians have decided to go on other road.

- Speak, the bad sign - to come back by same means, - the director of group Victor Alekseev has told at last.
on the way downwards musicians have got sad, Vadim has remembered that in Stalingrade its Godfather wared, and Valera has told about the grandfather who by miracle has survived, while its colleagues who were nearby, has killed a fighting shell.

In 13. 30 basic structure of musicians has gone to hostel to pack suitcases. We with Valera and the Button (the girl who in clips goes on bajkah) have a little lagged behind also the singer has told one more funny case which has occurred with Mongols in Volgograd.

is, perhaps, most remembered impression about your city. Once before the concert we have managed to lose the drummer. Igor nakljukalsja so that flatly refused to step on the stage and work. I will not go, and all here! We hardly - have hardly persuaded him, and he has outwitted us. Has told that has gone to a toilet, and itself has risen on the second floor (we then acted at any cinema), has got in a grand piano, directly on strings, it was covered and has fallen asleep. We from feet have got off, obchesali all building, the people already in furiousness almost tomatoes on a scene threw. The cleaner has found out our miracle. We in consciousness resulted of its minutes ten and still have pulled out on a scene. But also it yet the end. Songs through two after the beginning of halls has started to go for a drive on a floor from laughter. I think that for a hogwash, at me a serious song the Long journey and they ha - ha! I turn, and Igor costs in the middle of a scene with bright - red strips on the person. Has decided to wipe sweat, and curtains as it has then appeared, one day earlier the cinema manager has painted with gouache. For appearance - on new money has not sufficed