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Inhabitants of Volgograd can sweep on huge bugs

In the centre Merkury (the Agrobank building) the ambulatory exhibition of the Central wax museum of St.-Petersburg will show to inhabitants of Volgograd huge (increased in 500 - 1000 times) moving models of insects and the well-known heroes horror films - Freddi Kruger, Frankenshtejna and other.

In each city where the exhibition " has visited; Monsters round us there were especial visitors. The most curious tried to find out a secret - as these monsters dvizhutsja or to pull down for memory a huge paw or a feeler. And children necessarily try to climb and sweep on a four-metre monster.

Have a good time at an exhibition inhabitants of Volgograd on a web from ropes, polazit on huge honeycombs can also - to hang for a while, to collect huge puzzles.

- At us in Kislovodsk the ridiculous history has happened to these puzzles, - Sergey smiles. - The muzhik, years of forty, four days has killed on folding of the image of a wasp. It on an exhibition already as to itself(himself) home came, with a beer bottle - it was necessary to start up free of charge. We to it then even a prize for diligence of a distance.

the Exhibition will last till the end of January, the price of the ticket for adults - 50 roubles, for children, pensioners and students and schoolboys - 40 roubles.