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The gynecologist from Volgograd has confessed before Andrey Malakhov

- To me have called from Ostankino also have suggested to become the heroine Five evenings Malakhov, the transfer subject - underground abortions, - tells Natalia Korshunova, in the past the gynecologist just wound off term for criminal interruption of pregnancy in which result the patient was lost. - I have a little thought and have agreed. I think, I will confess before all country, you look, God will hear me and will forgive.

While Natalia Viktorovna prepared for a trip to capital, organizers of TV program have found out names of mum`s substitutes at her son.

- Specially that someone from them to invite to transfer as experts, - Natalia smiles. - I when have entered into a make-up room, and have gasped. At the next little table to Anna Veski sits. To it a hairdress in an order result. Same beautiful and young, as 20 years ago when to us to Volgograd on tour came.

Natalia was, of course, stirred: a leah will peck it? But atmosphere in studio was benevolent.

the Popular leader has pulled about volgogradku on a cheek and has told: be afraid of Nothing!

- Malakhov before record even has stroked me on a cheek and has told, a pier be afraid of nothing, we in offence will not give you, - remembers Korshunova.

Within one and a half hours of shooting volgogradka, without coming off, looked on favourite to Anna Veski, the blessing that sat opposite.
- I do not know as to behave in front of chambers! Therefore completely copied to Anna. She will lean the elbows on an armrest - I too. Will correct a hairdress - and I after it.

- Anna has told that itself has been urged to get rid of undesirable pregnancy. And on a broader scale, she is revolted by behaviour of the majority of men which behave far not on - muzhski when learn that their woman has inopportunely become pregnant. It for abortions.

And here other substitute Korshunovoj - Nikolay Burljaev has been invited in studio as their opponent.
- He has told that his wife five times became pregnant and, he to it has never allowed to get rid of the child!

According to the heroine, even after program record, it and all its interlocutors, and it besides actors, the priest, the deputy, the gynecologist, still for a long time discussed a subject of abortions.