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“ to Inhabitants of the former USSR the corridor on the simplified order of reception of citizenship of Russia " is opened;

Hardly Vladimir Injakin and Lyudmila Pastuhova have transpassed a threshold - Volgograd “ as they had to give weight of advice and to offer ways of the decision of an exit from the most confused situations.

and where you have been registered on July, 1st, 2002?

- Hello, my name is Elizabeth Stepanovna Martynova, I the citizen of Russia, me of 76 years, and here my daughter cannot obtain 13 years the Russian citizenship. It works as the teacher at rural school. In 1992 - m to year it has returned from Uzbekistan to Taganrog, and has then moved to Volgograd. The constant habitation at it was not, it removed apartment. Recently it has registered in Aksae. Why to it refuse citizenship?
Century I : - Apparently, for July, 1st, 2002 it did not have a check in in a residence in territory of Russia, and this date is registered in the law on citizenship. Be not stirred, all can be solved! Your daughter it will be necessary to come with all available documents in passport - visa branch in a residence in October area. Most likely, at first it will need to undergo procedure of registration of the permission to time residing, and then the question on acquisition of citizenship by it already will be solved.

the Real estate helps to obtain citizenship

- the Direct line? Valentina Tjukeeva calls to you, I the citizen of Turkmenia, now live in Surovikino. Prompt, than time residing differs from residence permit?
- Since July, 25th, 2002 in territory of the Russian Federation the federal law " operates; About a legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation “. According to this document two categories of foreign citizens differ: temporarily living and constantly living. At first foreign citizens should issue the permission to time residing (for a period of 3 years). Time residing assumes an annual re-registration of foreign citizens. Having lived under the permission not less than 1 year the foreign citizen can issue residence permit, considering that by this time it will be provided by habitation and work with the salary of not less living wage. Now between the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan there is an agreement on immigrants according to which the citizen of Turkmenia who having in the property habitation or has bought real estate, passes a stage of time residing. It is registered at once in a residence and can issue residence permit for constant residing at Russia. Similar agreements at the Russian Federation are with Kyrgyzstan and Latvia.

- And I can to buy as the foreign citizen here apartment on the name?
- Certainly.

- And citizenship when I will receive?
- such order of reception in citizenship of citizens of the former USSR (except Baltic) Now operates. If the person was the citizen of the USSR and owing to circumstances not dependent on it has obtained other citizenship for it such corridor - the simplified order of reception in citizenship of Russia is now open. This corridor will operate till January, 1st 2006 - go year. The person can get our citizenship if he lived in territory of Russia for July, 1st, 2002 (had a constant residence permit) or has already obtained the permit to time residing. Those foreign citizens and persons without citizenship which during 2004 - go have issued year time residing, just already obtain citizenship.

to Lose citizenship, without leaving Russia?

- Good afternoon, you Natalia Jurevna Skarbenko disturbs. I live with the civil spouse who was released from a colony in 1998 - m to year, has stayed ten years. When we all family have gone to change passports of the USSR on Russian, to it have refused. A pier, citizenship is not defined. Also demand from it the inquiry from a colony. And after all it has given this inquiry, when to it did the passport in 98 - m to year right after clearings. Now we did inquiry in the Perm area where it served time that have sent the duplicate. And to us refusal has come. It appears, as soon as will pass five years, all of them on the former prisoners destroy documents … That to us to do? The husband lives off me and at mum, anywhere does not work - there is no passport!
Century And . - it is visible, your husband cannot confirm citizenship. On February, 6th 1992 - go year it was in a colony? All is correct. He did not leave limits of Russia, simply there are no the documents proving it. It should make the duplicate of the inquiry of a colony … However, your question can be solved and without it. In general, I will advise to your spouse to come to me on reception on any Thursday with all documents. Let will not forget the birth certificate and the old passport. I think, all can be solved.

the International passport can be issued faster

- My name is Maria Panova, we with a family were going to go for New year abroad, and the international passport at me is not present. It is possible to receive it not for 30 days, and how - nibud faster?
Century And . - According to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia the international passport is made out within a month from the moment of giving of documents. 4 photos, 2 questionnaires, 2 receipts - one on 200 roubles (state duty), the second on 50 roubles (for the passport form) are necessary. Within 3 working days the passport under telegrammes about illness or death of relatives is made out.

the Dual citizenship Russia does not recognise

- Hello, tell, agreements on a dual citizenship are entered into with what countries at Russia? - Artem Sidorenko from Volga is interested.
Century And. - Contracts about a dual citizenship consisted the Russian Federation with Turkmenia and Tajikistan, but they have not been ratified the Russian Federation, applied unilaterally by these states. The citizen of the Russian Federation who has other citizenship, is considered by Russia only as the citizen of the Russian Federation, except for the cases provided by special contracts of the Russian Federation. If the person has obtained citizenship of other country it does not mean that it has automatically lost the Russian.

- Hallo, it is the Direct line? I the citizen of Armenia Tigran Tarasjan, have arrived to Volgograd after earthquake in Spitake. Here at me children were born, now to the son of 14 years and it had problems with citizenship definition. Prompt, how it is necessary to operate?
L. P - If at your son is not present either Armenian, or the Russian passport you should be converted into consulate of Armenia in Rostov that there have defined presence or absence at your son of citizenship of Armenia. Then with this inquiry already come to us.

- I heard that in the USA if the child was born in territory of this country it automatically receives also the American citizenship. And if the child was born in Russia, this rule does not operate? - Olesya Moiseyev asks.
L. P - In the New Federal Law “ About citizenship of the Russian Federation “ which has come into force since July, 1st, 2002, there is article 12 according to which OVD make out presence of citizenship of Russia at children on a birth. This article universal, providing presence at children born on July, 1st 2002 and later as by birth (t. e the birth from the citizen of the Russian Federation is not dependent on the birthplace), and by the ground (i.e. a birth from foreign citizens in territory of the Russian Federation). The Only stipulation - foreign citizens should present inquiries from Embassies of the states that these states do not recognise children as the citizens. Citizenship is made out in passport - visa branch OVD in a place of registration of parents which should fill the statement of the established form. It is necessary to put x-copies of the birth certificate of the child, the passports, other documents if they are required to it. Together with copies originals of documents for check of conformity of records are represented also. The decision on documenting of children by loose leaves on citizenship are accepted by chiefs OVD.

the Penalty for the passport delayed abroad it is not necessary to pay

- My daughter has left to Germany six years ago. The passport of the Soviet sample at it any more does not operate and to receive new, to it speak, it is necessary to go to Russia. A leah so it? My daughter will lose citizenship? A leah it is necessary to it to pay the penalty for the delayed passport? - Asks Evgenie Vasilevna Iz of Krasnooktjabrsky area of Volgograd.
L. P - you know that the citizen of the Russian Federation can θμεςό2 passports: The citizen of Russia for using in territory of the Russian Federation (or the internal passport) and the passport for using outside of the Russian Federation (or the international passport). Internal passports stand out to citizens of the Russian Federation only in territory of the Russian Federation in OVD in a place of registration. Thus your daughter can receive the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation after returning to Russia. For an untimely exchange of the passport it will not bear punishment, as was absent in Russia in an exchange of passports for a good reason.

If it is a question of international passport replacement, it is necessary to be defined in the status of abiding of the citizen of the Russian Federation abroad. In the event that the citizen has left abroad for time residing, but was late, therefore passport period of validity has expired, it can receive the new passport only in Russia, in OVD in a place of registration. If the delay reasons valid, the Russian Embassy can renew the international passport, or will grant the certificate on returning in the Russian Federation. If the citizen has left az limits of Russia on a constant residence, it should rise on the consular account in the Russian Embassy and concerning reception of the new international passport to be converted into the given establishment.