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the Main souteneur of Volgograd have detained for stowaway journey

For this year across Volgograd and to area it has been fixed 367 cases of forging of documents granting the right to free journey. But further all has come 16 - summer Nikolay M whom, having bought in a stall crusts and having pasted the photo, has entered there the post - the main souteneur of Volgograd . Also went on it almost half a year. While the joker taki was caught by controllers.

- Also what to us with such infringers to do? - Workers of management on struggle against crimes in the consumer market make a helpless gesture. - detain we them cannot - same not a fake of the official identification card. We have selected it ksivu have scolded - and all.

As to us have told in the same management, nevertheless forge certificates of veterans of work, pension, identity cards more often.

- At us at times to ridiculous reaches, - the leading expert of service of gathering of incomes MUP " speaks; Metroelektrotrans Igor Preobrazhensky. - the girl goes, and 20 years were not executed yet, and at it the pension certificate. Or the photo of the man, and a surname, a name - a patronymic - female is pasted.

Since January, 1st of next year the quantity of exempts in transport (in connection with a monetization of social benefits) will decrease in Volgograd in 3 times. And transport workers already with shudder represent today, the army " how much will grow; hares with lime documents.