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Feast tangerines and vodka

Ahead can spoil so much feasts that only the people will spend a heap of money for one meal and binge. And then after feasts many will toil with sick stomachs, heads How to save itself from New Year`s problems with health, the Volgograd doctors tell.

with vodka - money for a wind

the Main expert in narcology of Volgograd And leksej DAVIDOV asks champagne:

* Well do not stir, please, alcohol!
* Having drunk, do not hurry on street. The cold contributes in fast intoxication.
* Supervise relatives who easily get drunk during usual feasts, and here such occasion.
* it is bad? Dissolve in 2 - h litres of boiled water hardly - hardly potassium permanganate, drink turned out solution, and then release from it. A stomach. Drink 10 tablets of the activated coal.
* has not helped? Be converted behind the help to doctors.

On New Year`s Eve very few people can be kept from alcohol. Therefore use the advice which has been checked up in the people

* for some hours till a feast eat porridge (buckwheat, ovsjanuju, semolina) - helps not to get drunk;
* with butter and other fat food forms a sandwich on a stomach plenochku which interferes vsasyvaniju alcohol; it is possible to drink crude egg (only not store) or a table spoon of vegetable oil;
* before a feast the good effect will be rendered by a cup of strong tea with a lemon, mint or coffee with a lemon;
* in advance know that be not kept from binge, therefore for 2 - 3 hours till a feast accept 50 grammes of vodka, it will prepare an organism for loading;
* if at you a problem with a stomach, of course, it is better to refuse alcohol - cannot, then other spirits should prefer vodka.

From tangerines and chocolate become Fathers Frost

For New year not only malyshnja, but also adults on a habit start to eat too much of oranges, tangerines and sweets. For one it comes to an end with superfluous kgs, and for others red cheeks, stains on a skin.

How not to become Father Frost, the main allergist of Volgograd Lyudmila ANTONOVA tells:

* watch children that they did not eat more than usually, sweets and a citrus;
* at occurrence any allergic vysypany accept sorbents which will deduce harmful substances from an organism (it can be Enterosgel polifepan Filtrum and others)
* if will not help, then it is necessary to start to accept any antigistaminnyj a preparation, it is better not to self-medicate, and to come on consultation to the allergist.

to Gorge on and not to die of a gluttony

By a New Year`s eve we diligently grew thin all the December long. Having dumped 4 - 5 kgs, already now for certain we know that, having risen on scales in the middle of January, we will be terrified. And those five which with such work have dumped, will return back, and more the couple will increase. And at many after celebratory obzhorstv also problems with a stomach, a liver begin. Gastroenterologi advise how to secure itself against it:

* it is not necessary to sit down a festive table on an empty stomach, necessarily the day before weigh day normally eat;
* beginning a feast, be defined, how much that you can eat, - try to adhere to norm then it will be more difficult to you to eat too much;
* take part in competitions, dance, chatter with the guests, forgetting for a while about meal;
* lean on salads, light meals and fruit, refuse farinaceous food, a pie, fat;
* drink more liquids: juice, mineral water, compote
* eat slowly, slowly, and taste of a dish will try out and less calories receive, do not eat up that any more is not located;
* try to refuse meat, it is better to prefer fish dishes;
* behind a table a little bit use cunning and surround itself with useful (low-calorie) dishes.

On zemetku

Have poisoned with alcohol, call fast or call in Volgograd the narcological rehabilitation centre - (8442) 36 - 82 - 44 (round the clock)
to Consultation of skilled allergists - (8442) 36 - 14 - 83 (it is advisory - diagnostic polyclinic of allergology and clinical immunology)
City gastroenterologichesky the centre - (8442) 39 - 44 - 87