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From - for Lyudmila Putinoj alekseevskih goats have put into a diet

Yesterday in the Volgograd museum of Fine Arts the exhibition of products from down of national masters of a village Alekseevsky has opened. Knitters from Alekseyevka know not only in our area - they frequent visitors on the All-Russia reviews and competitions.

- When we have arrived to St.-Petersburg on Semi-precious stones of Russia at us from buyers of a release was not, - needlewoman Maria Marinkova tells. - One Japanese has approached to us and has started to feel things, to compress in hands - it them so on warmly tried. Then took a scarf and speaks - everything, mine. And this product my schoolgirl - Nastja Propadjashcheva knitted, to it then only 13 years was. We did not want to sell a scarf to the foreigner - there marriage small was, an eyelet missed. And it in any: the present handwork, speaks, should be with defects and instead of 300 roubles has given the Ice crust 700.

Skilled workers knit not only scarfs and kerchiefs, but also a coat, suits, dresses. Their things always disperse on hurrah - at last competition the Azure flower factory the Tsarina has bought the whole collection and, on the hearings, one of alekseevskih palatines have brought ours gosudaryne . So ljubovno in the people name the first lady of the country Lyudmila Putin.

that down scarfs at all associate with the city of Orenburg Is insulting alekseevskim to skilled workers.

- At them both the down is more rough, and threads silk they vprjadajut, and we only with natural raw materials work, - speak stanichnitsy. - Never the products we paint, in dry-cleaners not raspushaem. And songs all the same sing about the Orenburg down scarfs.

the Secret of the skill of the knitter keep a secret. And that goats gave the best down, hold them on a special diet - in a diet only natural products and any chemical additives.

By the way, at this exhibition, it will be possible products not only to look, but also to get.