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Milkmaids from Elani awarded a striptease and pendants and reading and writing were Galkin

In Soviet period the main encouragement for work. new times - new stimulus - the chairman elanskogo collective farm " has solved; Big Morets Sergey Jurevich Lihachev also has sent last year leading articles - milkmaids on a striptease. The striptease only a part of fascinating excursion across Volgograd was more exact. In the beginning collective farmers have visited lecture, where multiwise professors learnt them how correctly to milk cows. And there was then also a campaign in elite club Night Paris .

- that evening really promised a man`s striptease, - Nikolay Viktorovich Zubarev, the director of a dairy farm " has shared with us; Big Moretsa . - But its milkmaids and have not waited. Instead on a scene shchuplenky the young man all the evening long sang, and our women have left, that a sin to conceal, dissatisfied - wanted to look at naked muzhiks, and on them the boy in a suit have palmed off. But as a whole the reception has passed well. However, for example, trezubye plugs we have asked to clean at once unfamiliar tableware, did not want, that our leading articles felt dickey.

this year chairman Lihachev has gone further away and has awarded three milkmaids and teljatnitsu with tickets for Maxim Galkin`s Volgograd concert which will take place in February. Now collective farmers know, for the sake of what they in 4 mornings on a farm came yes almost on 5 tons of milk from the burenok have milked dry.

And in 2005 - m, have already spread on collective farm hearings, best of the best will present excursion in capital. Yes if so with all landowners in Russia were converted, we is fast about Bush`s legs would forget for ever