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After murder in Volgograd war of clans on caucasus can begin?

murder of two young Ingush militiamen who have arrived to Volgograd on winter session, while neraskryto, but the basic version to which the consequence is declined, - blood feud. Official proofs are not present, the murderer (or murderers) is not found yet, but inspectors already with full confidence say that have killed guys from - that they have discredited honour of two Chechen girls.

the Senior lieutenant Hasan Archakov and lieutenant Gelani Parchiev in the Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have entered this year, have got at once on a third year, after all guys behind shoulders had already an average vocational training - investigatory school in Makhachkala. Victims worked in militia of Nazran. To Volgograd have once again arrived in November.

- Children were not noisy, but female voices from their apartment constantly reached, - Lydia Fedorovna living in the neighbourhood with that apartment on Working - Country from which have taken out corpses of militiamen has told to us.

- Guys simply very much loved a female, for as have suffered, - Stanislav Beljansky, the inspector on especially important crimes of investigatory department of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Volgograd region speaks.

During a search their colleagues have found an extensive collection of personal photos in apartment which was removed by the Ingush militiamen: on them smiling Hasan and Gelani in pose obnimku with girls. Different, them it is a lot of girl

And more recently at Hasana and Gelani stayed zemljachki - two Chechens. Speak, little girls have independently arrived to Volgograd - to be developed in plenty. According to some information, they almost from - under a crown to Volga have run away, and for search of fugitives their relatives connected the communications in special services.

In the end of November - the beginning of December relatives have found the unreasonable daughters and have returned by force to caucasus.
- that now with these girls - is not known, can, they too are not present in live, they have broken the interdictions existing in Islam, - Stanislav Beljansky continues. - But anyway, guys, probably, have killed from - for these Chechens.
- in two weeks after relatives have taken away them?!

- you do not know these people. Once we investigated case: the Caucasian bore the revenge of 15 years, and only has then killed, - the inspector on especially important issues has explained. - I, by the way, on a broader scale suggested our heads to pass this business in Ingushetia, let there and understood with the national features. Though most likely would put have simply closed, after all under laws of Sheriyat the blood feud for the dishonoured relatives is at all a crime Now there is a fear that in reply to murder of Archakova and Parchieva their relatives too will decide to revenge.

In native high school of victims

We almost did not see have gone to the Volgograd academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where and Gelani studied in Hasan on 4 course of faculty of law.

Near to an office of the chief of faculty, at the stand, obituaries of the killed students are hung out. Though in high school at full speed there is a winter session, people who could tell something about Archakove and Parchieve, we have found hardly.

- With these children we have studied one and a half year, but tell about them I can of nothing, - Ekaterina speaks sokursnitsa. - I at all do not know, who from them was Hasan, and who Gelani. They appeared once in session. Speak, solved the questions with teachers amicably Also left home, to Ingushetia.

When we have applied to tell about the lost students to their teacher on criminal law, that has only made a helpless gesture, having told that hardly represents, who is such.

the Call to the Chechen diaspora

Vahid Shamaev , chairman of the council Starejshin of the Volgograd regional society of Chechens Bart - the Consent :

- It is a pity that all so has turned out But the blood feud is not shariatsky the law, it is Caucasian, including Chechen, custom which exists from time immemorial. Well to do - it till now exists, in spite of the fact that the Soviet authorities strenuously with it struggled. The further events are difficult for foretelling now, between clans war can really flash.