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Be not afraid to achieve that is necessary to you under the law

The more cellular, the it is more than infringements with them it is connected

- the Direct line ? Hello, you are disturbed by Romanov`s Love from Traktorozavodsky area, with Spartanovki. I have bought a cellular telephone in salon the Euronetwork in the Soviet area, it has worked 3 weeks and has broken. After I have handed over it in repair, have passed a month, but I and have not received phone. A leah I can return the money? To take away phone from repair I any more do not want.

- And who has insisted on sending of your phone on repair in the service centre? The seller or you have wished?

- the Seller.

- Love if you have got the poor-quality goods, after detection of defect you have the right to choose: to terminate the purchase and sale contract, or to agree on repair. It is necessary for you to write urgently the claim to the seller, demanding cancellation of the contract of purchase and sale and a refund paid for the goods. The claim make in a free form in 2 copies, on one seller is obliged to date its reception and the signature. Specify that in infringement of item 18 of the Law About protection of the rights of consumers it was offered to you to be converted only into the service centre. At all do not put in the statement kontrolno - the cash voucher: only a copy, or simply specify phone cost. If the seller refuses to fulfil your requirements, be converted into bodies on protection of the rights of consumers of local administration: either in the place of residence, or in the location of the seller.

- Thanks!

- Good afternoon! My name is Alexey Ivans. On August, 30th I have got cellular telephone Nokia 5100, which possesses the raised firmness to casual blows . After casual falling from height of 60 sm on a wooden surface at phone the screen has burst. The seller has refused to me replacement of the device, motivating with non-observance of service regulations. I was converted in Volgogradekspertizu but numeric data about there have requested what loadings phone can sustain. This data in Maintenance instructions no. What to me to do?

- the Course of your actions was correct, but that you were at a deadlock, alas, naturally. The matter is that blow is not subject falling, let even from small height. Examination will show that defect has received phone from blow about a firm surface - and no more that. At you one exit: to bring an action against the seller. But keep in mind: In - the first, the court will accept the statement to consideration only in the presence of witnesses who will show that you have really dropped phone from small height, and in - the second, only with the judgement - as proof of transgression. Most likely, for you a problem you have some chances of the favorable permission.

There is no cash desk? Write the check by hand!

- Hello, it the Direct line ? Sergey Konstantinovich Gromov disturbs. On February, 14th I have got in the Traktorozavodsky market an electric kettle for 250 roubles. Has asked for the seller the guarantee coupon or the check, and the seller in the answer: I on a box will write you our co-ordinates and guarantee period Has written, and it is literally in a week a teapot has broken. In two days I have taken away the repaired teapot from the seller, but after two days that has failed again. In the next visit on the market on a former trading place - 1448 - I the the seller has not found out. What to me to do?

- When you get the electrodevice, the maintenance instruction, technical data, manufacturer guarantee certificates should be applied on it. At sale of the goods the seller is obliged to fill the coupon giving a guarantee on carrying out of repair or cancellation of the contract of purchase and sale. As I have understood, procedure of the contract of purchase and sale has been broken, and trustworthy information about consumer properties of the goods has not been given you. And a leah the legal address of manufacturer has been specified in documents?

- the Teapot import, on it it is specified: It is made in China and all.

If in accompanying documents it is specified China Korea Germany - the legislation considers that you have not received full, trustworthy information. Time so, you have the right to terminate the contract of purchase and sale and to demand return of the money. That to you to find the unfair seller, be converted into department on protection of the rights of consumers of the Traktorozavodsky area which experts with assistance of market administration will help to find it. The market administration has a check in magazine, and they can find out, who was during this period about which there is a speech, the tenant of the place specified by you. To you experts of department in protection of the rights of consumers will help to solve all other questions. I wish good luck!

- Good afternoon! Zoe Grigorevna Oreshina calls. Recently bought footwear in the market, has asked to give me any document like the check, and the seller has responded that the cash register at it is not present, so, say, excuse. It is right?

- Certainly, no! The sellers trading in open territory of the markets, are released by the Government of the Russian Federation from use kontrolko - cash cars. However you, as the consumer, have the right to demand any document confirming the fact of purchase. It can be the commodity check which is filled by hand. Even if the seller does not have forms, they are available in administration of any market. Therefore be more persevering and be not afraid to demand that is necessary to you under the law.

to Adjust water supply the court

will help - I have phoned on the Direct line ? You are disturbed by Tamara Aleksandrovna Shelest, the pensioner. I live in settlement the Airport, in the house 19. Help! Hot water at us is not present many years, since 1996, and two months ago and at all waterless remained. Pipes are littered, they should be cleaned, but in ZHEU feed with breakfasts . Water does not rise above the second floor, and the house - that five-floor! Sometimes at night literally water goes a thin thread, and it is necessary to type hours kastrjulki that though dinner to prepare. The smell from - for stagnation in pipes in apartment costs the unimaginable! And after all I pay not only utilities, but also servicing!

- Absence of water in the house where water supply is provided building design - the budget documentation, - the fact scandalous, Tamara Aleksandrovna. In - the first if waters are not present, and you regularly bring a payment for it - recalculation of its cost should be made. In - the second if the reference in ZHEU has not given result, you should be converted into department on protection of the rights of consumers of Dzerzhinsky area (the settlement concerns it the Airport). But at first you should be converted with the statement in ZHEU, state a problem. The statement make in 2 copies, on one in ZHEU the mark that the statement is accepted to consideration should be made. Within a month under the law to you will give therefrom the answer, and you to go to department on protection of the rights of consumers, or in court with a copy of the statement, but time for failure elimination - 1 days. It would be advisable also to inform on an event in service sanepidnadzora: They very much will show consideration for a signal and that people live waterless, and about the smell proceeding from hammered sanitary technicians, and also will take measures.

- Hallo, ? My name is Olga Petrovna, I live on Seven winds . In battery apartment hardly warm, and what will be, when frosts will begin? How to be?

- be more likely converted in ZHEU and SES with the written statement! Having received the answer, with it safely go to Dzerzhinsky department on protection of the rights of consumers.

Put on points and read written

- Angelina Ivanovna calls, from Dzerzhinsky area. I am the employee, I have the policy of obligatory medical insurance. It has if necessary got used to be converted not into polyclinic in a place of registration, and in that that is near to my work. One of these days I come, and registratorsha me it is angry so declares that from next year all inhabitants of Volgograd will be obliged to receive medical services only in a residence. It that the such?

- Angelina Ivanovna, in your policy OMS is specified that the owner has the right to receive medical aid under the contract of obligatory medical insurance of citizens in all territory of the Russian Federation . Thus inspection under medical indications is carried out free of charge and if you wish to spend inspection for preventive maintenance - that this procedure is made for an additional payment. If in medical institution to you refuse medical aid rendering which you need, safely go to the head physician of establishment. If also it does not help, - bring an action!

Who will protect businessmen?

- Hallo, it ? You are disturbed by Alexey Vasilevich from Dubovki. I took in bank The Russian standard the credit in 20 thousand roubles. A month later I have paid in bank the sum defined by them with percent, however a month later have received the notification message that I owe them 307 roubles, a month later - that I should already 607. Has paid, but a month later I have received again a paper for payment 600 with superfluous roubles, - in general, it turns out that I in any way with them will not burst into tears. What to me to do?

- Alexey Vasilevich, unfortunately, falls under the legislation on protection of the rights of consumers only quality of the goods, works and services. Internal activity of banks is not included into our competence, therefore all questions connected with it, dare only in a judicial order. Therefore be converted into bank about which there is a speech, with the written statement and the request to make explanations in written form, and with this document can be converted into court.

- Hallo, Traktorozavodsky area on a wire. Zynaida Grigorevna? You protect the rights of consumers. And who will protect us, businessmen?

- And what with you happens?

- We work in Open Company territory Korobejniki is in the market of Traktorozavodsky area. Requisitions us have simply tortured: paid earlier, besides an official rent, on 25 - 30 thousand roubles. It, notice, from a place in 75 sm! And today appetites grow, demand already on 50 thousand. What for a disgrace? All is converted while on behalf of 40 persons, and how much businessmen in the market, represent, how much in the sum it turns out? Where this money leaves?

- yours I divide indignation wholly. I have written down all your data, today I will hand over this information in Office of Public Prosecutor, Management under taxes and tax collections, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Volgograd region. It is assured that without attention this scandalous thing does not remain.

the Private affair

Zynaida Grigorevna Shuh . Has finished the Volgograd economic technical school, the Volgograd academy of civil service on a speciality the State and municipal management . Work on creation of system of protection of the rights of consumers in territory of the Volgograd region of the beginning in 1992, right after adoptions of law of the Russian Federation About protection of the rights of consumers . Married, has two children.