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With what tree to decorate New year

the Artificial fur-tree

* will approach the zealous owner - has forked up once and for some years it is possible to forget about expenditure
* an ideal variant for allergic persons who do not take out needles smell
* a plastic fur-tree easier and more conveniently to contain - it is not showered and not pricked
* it it is possible to establish easily and - to clean
* qualitative models look very naturally.

In Volgograd it is possible to buy a plastic fur-tree from China (they the most accessible at the price), more expensively and is more fluffy Italians and also constrained and traditional Canadians . Do them of a synthetic fibre - a material plastic, and operation term decent, at accurate using, can, also to your great-grandsons will serve.

the Natural fur-tree

* only such wood tree will fill your apartment with aroma of coniferous wood and will bring in your habitation special atmosphere of a feast
* if you we will get a fur-tree in the container it it is possible to save it till the spring, and then to replace to a country site
* natural fur-trees in 2 - 3 times more cheaply artificial (the domestic beauty can be bought on the average for 200 - 250 roubles).

Before purchase be not too lazy to test the wood beauty. At first a prickle it is necessary to feel. If a trunk cachectic - keep in mind that yours a greenfinch it is sick, at a healthy fur-tree the waist in a grasp should be not less than 6 see Slightly shake a tree - if needles plentifully fell down - do not take such fur-tree, it will not hold on to a feast. If the needles smell is not caught, and needles dry - the tree is frozen.

advice: How to prolong New Year tree life?

At once it is not recommended to bring a fur-tree in a warm premise, from the big difference of temperatures it can be lost (the needles) will be showered. Before to dress up a fur-tree, to it do a hairdress - cut top obliquely, on a cut put a few ointments Vishnevsky then it will not grow bald ahead of time. A cut on a trunk update and add in water in which the tree, an aspirin tablet, a pinch of salt and a sugar spoon will be put. Aspirin does not allow to develop to putrefactive bacteria, and salt and sugar provide a food. From time to time water add.

What artificial fur-trees can be bought in Volgograd:

the Fur-tree Lapland
the Counter : it very tiny (60 sm), it is possible to put it on a table, also this the baby quickly turns and blinks multi-coloured cones.
the Price - 369 roubles

Fur-tree Snowmen (120 sm)
the Counter: it very elegant, is made their strong tinsel, is remarkable that on tips igolochek svetovodnye vstavochki which are cool shone and flicker.
the price - 1240 roubles

Fur-tree Silvana (150 sm)

the Counter: the maximum effect naturalnosti it is reached not only to magnificent needles, but also a touch of artificial snow, apparently, that just have brought the strewn lightly beauty from the nearest lesochka.

Where in Volgograd it will be possible to get live the beauty

the Central area

* the market Novorossisk
* the market Guards
* a platform opposite to the market Dvinsky
* a platform on street Krasnoznamensky (at a drugstore)
* a platform at the market Tkachevsky
* street Tkacheva
* street of a name of Marshal Rokossovsky, 52
* street of a name of Marshal Rokossovsky, 56
* street Neva, 12 and 15
* the Central market
* street Novorossisk, 34
* street Glazkova (near to TTS Samos - TDN )
* a platform on crossing of streets of a name of Marshal Rokossovsky and Golubinsky
* street Parhomenko, opposite to autorefuelling

Traktorozavodsky area

* a platform on crossing of streets N. A joy and Kasterina (settlement Spartanovka)
* a platform on crossing of streets Lgovsky and Opolchensky
* Bardin`s street, 15 (HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION settlement)
* street Traktorostroitelej, 5 (settlement Bottom)
* street Kostrjuchenko, 7 (settlements Vodstroj)
* Open Company market the Union - LTD. (settlement Spartanovka)
* Open Company market Rate (street Opolchensky, 15)

Krasnooktjabrsky area

* the market On Titov
* the market Northern
* the market the Monolith
* market PSK Scale (Street 39 - Guards, 20)
* the market Vajda - LTD. (a stop 33 - I a dining room)
* the market the East (crossing of the prospectus of Lenin and street Zorge)
* a platform on Mendeleyev`s street, 100
* a platform on crossing of streets Eremenko and Library
* a platform on street Eremenko, 70 (at shop Man )
* a platform about a stop the Youth
* a platform on crossing of streets Eremenko and Holzunova

Dzerzhinsky area

* market VGOOFS Olympia
* Open Company market Ozone
* the market Relight
* a platform opposite to Open Company market Russia
* a platform opposite to Open Company market Thermal networks
* a platform on crossing of streets Krasnopoljansky and 51 - I Guards
* street Krasnopoljansky, 48
* street Roman - Korsakova, 2
* a stop 70 - I school
* a platform on crossing of streets Batumi and Horosheva
* a platform on crossing of avenue it. Marshal Zhukov and street Zemljachki (at shop Victoria )

Voroshilovsky area

* street Yelets, 2
* street Yelets, 7
* street Yelets, 11
* street Kuznetsk, 69
* a stop Rostov
* street Rostov, 12
* street Raboche - Country, 6
* street Irkutsk, 9
* street of Kalinin, 19
* a platform at a cinema the World

the Soviet area

* the market Smals
* a platform on street Chebysheva crossing and so forth University
* the market Insajt (Maxim Gorkogo`s settlement)
* a platform on crossing of streets Aviatorsky and Turkmen
* street 2 - I Longitudinal (at shop the Green ring )
* a platform on crossing of streets thick and Tulaka

the Kirov area

* street 64 - oh Armies, 129
* at Open Company shop the Novelty (settlement the Cheerful beam )
* street of Kirov, 96 (a platform at Open Company shop the Choir )
* a stop Library
* a stop 107 - school (Open Company market Serdonkragas )
* street Fedotova, 3 (the market Volga )
* a stop the Medical medical unit - 40

Krasnoarmejsky area

* parkway of Engels (a platform before a shop Russian delicacy )
* street Proletarian (a tram ring)
* street Brest (opposite MUP the Krasnoarmejsky market )
* street of 40 years VLKSM (the area before a cinema the Builder )
* street Udmurt (GSK 30)
* a stop the Cinema Anniversary (at a fountain)

By the way

Left the fur-tree can zavonjat
At purchase of the green beauty in other places inhabitants of Volgograd risk to be deceived. Sometimes, to protect fur-trees from unapproved cutting down, them process special substance which in a warm premise starts to smell terribly.