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The daughter is going to get married for the convict

Now I already has reconciled that has occurred, and I hope that my Olja all - taki will be happy in this marriage, will not divorce, - Lyudmila Nikolaevna Muraeva writes to us. - But when all only has begun as I worried!

Ole now 23 years, they with husband Alexey almost coevals. It seemed to me that all went the turn: there were her friends both in a court yard, and at school, the man`s attention sufficed it, though is serious it with anybody did not meet. I for it was quiet, knew that at Olga the head on shoulders is, she aby whom will not choose.

With Alexey like too all it was frivolous: have got acquainted in a disco, he began to meet her after work, to take home, few times even called on us. I have remembered only one, Alexey already then was britogolovym, appearance any semigangster
And then, like a bolt from the blue: Him have put in prison for larceny and murder - it with friends on a drunk head has got into any shop, wanted to steal like beer, and it has turned out so that also the seller have strangled. I - that about it have learnt not at once. Has at first seen that with Olga something is created: for any time it has drooped, and then to his parents I suddenly ran began to ask, as as, it appears, Leshu have planted, and my girl through his mother passed it letters. I, of course, have sounded the alarm at once. I understand still if it was the forty-year woman who has despaired to find to myself the husband, but to it then was only seventeen What convict, what letters?!

And at Oli simply a head has taken down, I love, speaks, and all here! I already and the husband have connected supposedly talk you to it on - ottsovski. It to it so has painted its life to come that I even was frightened for the daughter, and it does not react, only repeats that its Lesha unique and unique that they are very similar, and more than such person it to herself will not find.

As I dreamt, that she has met still somebody: one young man - both nice, and business works, for example, with it, I even specially with it reduced it. But uselessly. And here in the end of October it with the father has taken aback us: we with Leshej have decided to get married. Here at me simply hands have fallen. I calm myself only one: six years after all they corresponded - it could not take it for a ride all this time. Perhaps it and truth, the good person, and even as speaks Olja, is not guilty in that murder, simply the guy has got into trouble. But me from it it is not easier. To it after all three more and a half a year to sit! Well what it is a family?! And after all Alexey already suggests it to give birth to the child. It was dexterously arranged - it in prison, and we here should potter with diapers? In general, I am now simple in perplexity.

Olga MURAEVA, Volgograd