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The house revenge unfaithful husbands and thieves

Earlier stories about house very few people it was possible to surprise. Now about them have forgotten - modern miracles suffice: aliens, yetis But, it appears, house did not disappear anywhere. Simply these beings love modern dwellings without ovens and attics less. But all the same in high-rise buildings house too live and carry out the mission. About the interesting cases which have recently happened to our fellow countrymen, we have learnt from the main ufologist of area, a member of the International academy of information of Gennady Belimova.

like to Play pranks house - the man

Student Ljuba tried not to notice some strangenesses occurring in her life. That the slippers thrown in the middle of a room, will appear on a shelf in a corridor sweets for a night why - that becomes less. As - that time of Ljuba from - for sessions also the mirror shelf in a bathroom long was not cleaned has grown with a dust. Once in the morning the girl has found out letters diligently deduced on a dust Kotova . It was its surname. Ljubasha was frightened, but time for meditations was not: has gone to pass test. Has called mum in the evening and has told that occurs in got from the grandmother by right of succession to apartment.

- Yes it is house ours appeared, - has calmed mum a daughter. - he lived there and earlier. Something long he was silent, therefore I and did not begin you to tell anything. We called its Bear, the grandmother considered that it of a male. Jealous very much. When to babule grooms podshofe came - was nervous: glasses at night knocked, sweets hid. And so anything, harmless. To expel him it is impossible.

After that case of Ljuba has decided to change apartment and now actively looks for new habitation.

On a broader scale in female apartments men - house like to lodge. Probably, they more like to manage in a flower bed. Here one more proof of it: two girl-friends have decided to rent apartment and to live separately from parents. Every evening little girls began to notice at themselves on a bed small dents: as though the cat or a dog lay. After from a wardrobe of owners of apartment someone has pulled out man`s slippers, girl-friends have become angry and have gone on consultation to the fortuneteller. She also has explained that together with them lives the house.

Most likely, he has felt: still hardly - hardly and girls will replace apartment, and has ceased to play a trick on them.

Such barabashka can not only to punish the husband.

As izmenshchik from the house has suffered

And clairvoyant Alla Vysotsky has told about this case.

- the Young woman has come to me with tears in the face of. To her husband there were troubles one for another. At first to failure by the car has got, then from work have dismissed, with a companion in business was engaged - it has turned out nothing. And houses simply all from hands fell: the nail beats - by all means the finger will beat off, a loggia equipped - has fallen down from a balcony. It is good that the second floor low. I have worked with it, descended in their apartment, with the husband have got acquainted. Know, what has appeared? This apartment has got to the woman by right of succession from the died parents. And together with it and house, which there veins. It has started to sponsor Katya. It left often in business trips, and at this time her husband drove home women. House which considers itself as the keeper of a home, it, naturally, was not pleasant also it Katerininomu has started to revenge the husband. To send on it any troubles. In spite of the fact that the woman has received such particulars about life of the husband, - izmenshchika has forgiven and has wanted to get rid of the vindictive house. I it, using the receptions, has expelled. Now at this pair that`s OK.

In Alla`s practice there were cases when house revenged inhabitants of a communal flat who stole products from the refrigerator of neighbours.

Feed barabashek with sweets

the People who are engaged in studying potustoronnih of forces, consider house as power educations which get to us from the parallel worlds. Some house are souls of the died people, in other words, ghosts. How they can be guessed?
- if at you in the house fall without the visible reasons of a thing, not clear sounds are distributed, things oddly appear not there where you have left them, the technics without any reasons breaks. That, most likely, at you lives house, - Alla Vysotsky explains. - When in the house aura positive also these beings behave benevolently. And at aggressive, false people they become malicious. Often house in any way itself do not show because to be afraid to be on the street.

Expel them can only the expert (clairvoyant, the ufologist and etc.) . It it is not necessary to do - it is possible to anger house and it becomes aggressive. And on a broader scale speak, it is better to be on friendly terms with these beings, then they will protect the house from theft and a fire. Want to cajole the house? Then leave on a saucer for night of sweet. He will eat them. Energetically, certainly.

the Comment of the expert

Vadim Chernobrov , our fellow countryman, the known capital researcher of the abnormal phenomena, says that the house get to us from other time, they live in more multidimensional world, than ours. Move to dwellings of people by means of properties of the measurement. To get rid of them, it is necessary to be converted behind the help only to skilled to hunters behind ghosts : they sometimes take invisible beings cunning (happens enough to enclose house a pack or a doll, it will play and will not notice as it will expel from apartment). However, the main step to victory over house - to cease to feel fear! If the person is self-assured, and it not to frighten invisible beings he never also will not feel their presence.

On a note
visitors have lodged In your apartment (house, invisible beings, ghosts) not zvannye? How to get rid of them to you the chief specialist on miracles and any strange things in our area Gennady Belimov will tell. Call by it to phone in Volzhsk: (23 41 - 23 - 87 .