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At the pensioner have stolen in the street 20 thousand roubles

the Robbery has occurred on Thursday in the middle it is white day in Krasnooktjabrsky area. The pensioner came back home from savings bank, a visor from the book everything that remains - hardly more twenty thousand roubles. Has stopped in the street to talk to the neigbour, a bag has put near to itself - by this moment it already was heavy, is up to the top filled banks tushenki.

- And suddenly to me the neigbour shouts: look, look, a bag - that thy have incurred, - the old woman in ROVD Krasnooktjabrsky area complained then. - I Turn: and there two teenagers, escape also my bag by the ground drag. Yes unless I will catch up with them? OK tushenka, but there after all all my money was!

- This case any more the first lately, - is told by Vladimir Mitrofanov, the chief of criminal militia ROVD of Krasnoktjabrsky area. - from old women take away not only bags with products, but also the large sums of money - to thousand dollars.

And such stories repeat not only in our area. We assume that it is done by the same people, they vyslezhivajutpensionerov at the Savings Bank, and then simply seize the successful moment for a robbery.

Advice from militia:

* try not to carry with itself in public places, in the street great sums of money;
* if go to draw out money from a card at a cash dispense or with sberknizhki, take with itself someone from accompanying so it is more safe;
* do not let go a bag in which there is something valuable.