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To python from the Volga station junnatov two members

At station junnatov in Volzhsk cut off ten reside years already two pythons - Pitosha and its girlfriend Drakosha. Until recently they lived in perfect harmony, in full harmony. Yet does not happen terrible

- Pitoshe should be amputated two members, - Elena Gugueva, the head of zoological department of this station tells. - at pythons already four genital bodies, are more exact two double members - two rogatiny such turn out. But one of pairs always participates in process only. As - that after next dance of tails we have noticed that one rogatina is not has left inside as it usually happens.

First employees of station have considered that their Pitosha, extremely temperamental creature, simply perevozbudilsja after love joys and cannot come to the senses in any way.

- At first we tried to treat its own forces, - Elena Gugueva continues, - rubbed with ointments, even massage did. However there has passed the whole week - result any.

It was necessary to be converted to veterinary surgeons. And those have told that Pitoshu - unfortunately - should be castrated urgently, differently the member will wither, and then dying off of fabrics on all organism will begin.

Castrated Pitoshu in a local veterinary clinic, operation was conducted by doctor Sergey Vedeneyev known in Volzhsk.
- anything similar, of course, in my practice to this case was not, - Vedeneyev tells. - operation lasted about an hour. Besides surgeons in it participated seven more person which held Pitoshu. And how differently was to keep on a table a reptile of six and a half metres in length?! After all that we did under local anestiziej, could not be pleasant to it.

In some days Pitosha has come to the senses, has started to eat. Now to it have already removed seams. The dragon, most likely, remains the high-grade male. And in February when at pythons there will come the wedded season half castrated by Pitosha can subdue Drakoshu again. Anyway, ajbolity have given a guarantee junnatam