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The violinist Daniel Padilova preserve sacred

On the eve of Christmas to us it would be desirable to believe in a miracle. And owing to love: God`s and human. Therefore so shrill stories with the happy end are necessary to us. One of them has occurred to the Volgograd violinist Danilom Padilovym.

Parents had prophetic dreams

Two years ago on December, 21st in the heat of Christmas fast in the centre of Moscow in a support column the car ran. Among four passengers was two Daniels: one of them the student of the State classical academy the violinist from Volgograd Danil Padilov. There was it on the eve of day of memory of Daniel Cςξλονθκΰ - their heavenly promoter. In live there were only namesakes sacred …

In Volgograd of seven Padilovyh know well. Mum Elena Vladimirovna - the pianist of the Volgograd academic symphonic orchestra, the teacher of a piano. His father Gennady - the soloist of a philharmonic society. Daniel`s son has chosen a violin.

- All children shout after a birth. And Daniels has sung pure “ lja - I - I “ on which a violin adjust, - mum remembers. - in 3,5 years he has seen on the TV of the violinist on a scene and, having stuck with a finger into the screen, has told: “ I Want there “.

the schoolboy he conquered competitions “ New names “ “ music Flowers “. Played scene TSKZ with a symphonic orchestra. Having heard game of the young violinist at the international competition “ the Concordance “ the professor of the Moscow conservatory Sergey Kravchenko has suggested it to study in Moscow. During visits to Danil Padilov`s native city continued to play with a symphonic orchestra. So was and that time.

- After a concert we spent Daniel to Moscow. Usually the son always in good mood, but here called all the days long the stifled. As if had a presentiment of a misfortune, - with tears Elena Vladimirovna tells about endured. - That night when there was a misfortune, the nightmare dreamt me. High snow wall, and from it young boys fall. I should what for - that it to climb up. Has gone in the morning to church. And have then informed that Daniels in resuscitation … And to the father some days before tragedy has dreamt that Danja lies on snow and shouts “ Help! “

Great-grandfather Daniel martyr John.

For Daniel great-grandfathers

After Daniel`s collision prayed tried to call by the broken cellular telephone. He has not understood, why fingers do not obey. At the violinist both hands and feet have been broken. The right side has especially suffered. When carried on operation, has had time to joke that to it has still carried. It named the radiant patient - he all time smiled. Asked - more carefully with hands. The leading surgeon of Botkinsky hospital Valery Murylev on a question of mother, leah Danja will play again a violin, has looked away …

Operated Daniel twice. It has appeared that on a right hand the wrist brush is into smithereens broken to rescue a hand, it was necessary even to replace a stone from a foot...

Before this operation mum has invited to the son of the priest from Alexander Suvorov`s regimental church that in a court yard of Botkinsky hospital.

- One more surprising coincidence - called that priest father Dmitry, as well as the great-grandfather Daniel - iereja the Kazan cathedral in Volgograd, - Elena Vladimirovana admitted. - its House in centre Stalingrada in war unique in district has escaped, because has been enclosed by Nikolay Ugodnika`s icon. And his brother - father John Dneprovsky ministered the priest in Saratov. Already after failure we have received documents that it have consecrated a saint …

So Daniels - the great-grandson sacred. Helped the musician hundreds people were called. In few days one thousand the dollars necessary on treatment has been collected not.

- God has helped! Through people, certainly. Otherwise it should to sell apartment, - Elena Vladimirovna tells. - people have shown Such participation. Thanks! Though before New Year`s feasts all had cares, doors in chamber Daniel were not closed, unfamiliar people came even. The son the guy sociable!

the Violin missed the musician

Only in March the violinist has risen on feet and has returned to Volgograd. The father and son Kaplunovy from the Volgograd orthopedic centre restored to life its right hand which half a year was in plaster. Massage, preparations for bones, gymnastics …

- They have told that if I will play on a violin, I can consider myself as second Maresevym, - admitted Daniels.

It has played. Through a pain and fear. And in breaks between employment read “ Evil spirits “ Dostoevsky also dropped in in a temple of Sergija Radonezhsky that in the neighbourhood. When the first time took a violin in hands, it has appeared is strongly upset. Made in 19 century the known master, she as if endured separation from the musician.

- the Violin live, - it is assured 22 - summer Daniels. - for me it of a feminine gender. Therefore I concern it with easy grief. She cannot be owned but only to love. It a part me.

the First time after failure, has stepped on the stage Daniels in Volgograd - at music schools where studied and his mother worked. That at the violinist both hands have been broken, nobody believed. And in December - it is equal in a year after failure, he has played solo on a violin at an anniversary concert in Moscow with an orchestra of academy and the most known musicians. And in half a year - the first award at the international festival of arts in Kiev. And the first visitation of Kievo - Pechersky Monastery. As Daniels admitted, from the former self-confident young man does not remain also a trace.

- When Daniels there left the first time to Moscow, I to it have copied a miracle prayer of Michael of the Archangel, which on a parvis of Chudovo of a monastery read, - his mother speaks. - earlier it did not open it. And now the road without a prayer is not passed …

Today by Daniel invite in leading orchestras of Moscow. He plays better former and dreams to execute Paganini`s concert. We yet time will hear its violin in Volgograd.