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Gold egg will fall to Volgograd

Certainly, it is necessary to hope for destiny, to rely on own forces and a little on good luck. But New year such feast when in something wonderful it would be desirable to believe all. Let`s think of desires and to listen to predictions. - m we have asked the astrologist of the Volgograd planetarium on how will dispose of our destinies of a star in 2005 to Tamara USHAKOV.

That for a year to us goes?

- All tell year of a cock and if to be exact on drevnekitajskomu a calendar to live to us it is necessary not so much with a cock, how much with a dark blue chicken. Regal Jupiter will patronise this year. So, 2005 should become very generous and kind to those who not begins to do muck to other people. It is necessary to be tolerant to tests which will send planets. Restraint will help to achieve the desired objective. Jupiter, supervising Coming year, as a rule, tempts those who is inclined to extravagance and ljubveobilnosti. Therefore be on the lookout.

to Whom will carry?

- That who was born in a year which were considered in Ancient China friendly with the feathery promoter 2005 - go. They are Snakes and Bulls. They are expected by success, profit and changes to the best. And here to Hares, Sheep and the Wild boar to be better always on the alert, care and concentration should become for them the main qualities till the end of the year. Concerning them attempts to clean from a post can be undertaken, to provoke to a rash act. At the others animals year will pass exactly.

As there will live inhabitants of Volgograd?

- In a cyclic calendar (and east concerns to such) the basic events repeat each 60 years. That is the dark blue chicken last time managed in 45 - m - year of great Victory. And after all we live in a city, it is a lot of for this victory the made. Year will be labour, strained, but victorious! Stars say that in Volgograd there will be any good event thanks to which about us will start talking in the world. The city rating on Volga becomes much more above. Will begin 2005 - j that it is necessary to work much, will carry to active people, wise on life and ironic. All bears that our city will blossom, misfortunes will avoid it is probably, the dark blue chicken will take down for inhabitants of Volgograd in coming year happy gold egg.

How correctly to meet New year?

- Strangely enough, but the dragon will be a talisman . Therefore get at least small drakoshu, it will help with difficult situations, to distract from apathy and depression. Also wheat ear - a life symbol well will help, it too is desirable for having at itself. To meet New year it is necessary approximately so: Become the person on the east, in one hand wheat cone, in another drakonchik, and over you in mia maid of the Virgin fertile Jupiter will shine. Happy New Year! With new happiness! Yes, and more: actually it is important as will meet New year and as will spend its first day. So, planning feasts, do not forget about it.

Aspire to get in semerochku

Numerolog Tatyana Karpova:
- Having combined figures entering in 2005, we receive number 7. The seven symbolising on system Pifagora reason, light, protection of the higher forces will bring good luck in New year. Will especially carry to the people who were born 7, 16, or 25 numbers as their sum is equal to the happy seven.

On what to hope in 2005 - m to year?

the Aries - wait for successes in work, study. Problems in private life in the spring are possible, do not shelve their decision, show insistence to itself and patience to the partner. Only your judiciousness will allow to overcome complexities. Care and diplomacy in dialogue will present pleasure and happiness in May and June.

the Taurus - in the beginning of year will pull hard a heap of affairs on work. Easy - all will soon be resolved, can show the liderskie qualities in the summer, and them will estimate. In private life of any changes - strengthen already established relations.

didymuses - can carry out the old plans and dreams. Very favorable year for representatives of creative trades. Relations with darling will develop in the best way.

the Cancer - you can grow in the professional plan, the main thing not to be afraid to incur responsibility - and all will turn out. Relations on love front can crack - do not retire into himself/herself, search for support at relatives.

the Lion - be careful on work, do not act rashly - consult on knowing people. Till September you can have time to strike up the romantic acquaintance promising to many pleasure.

the Virgin - prepare to that it is necessary to move ahead slowly to an object in view. The practicality will promote realisation of ideas. Ruptures of old communications are possible, but nearby there will be people against whom it will be possible to lean a difficult minute. Progress in love relations will be in the spring, it will bring happiness.

Scales - year will be difficult, be ready to overcome difficulties. Do not lose courage - does not carry on work, but there is a probability of development of successful relations on love front.

the Scorpion - for the sake of successes on work, in study it is necessary to offer free time and completely to be given to career. Otherwise there can be complexities. In private life of any global changes.

the Sagittarius - in 2005 - the m at you will not be financial problems, stability - your faithful companion. Romantic acquaintances are possible - be not afraid of love, walk to it towards without fears.

the Capricorn - you are waited by successes in all undertakings. Promotion, financial position improvement is possible. There is a real possibility to establish a family. Can count on support of friends.

Aquarius - successful year for professional growth, but relations with the partner can become complicated. Trust in intuition, in disputes and conflicts learn to concede.

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Fishes - it is necessary difficultly, be attentive to colleagues, give more attention informal to dialogue and all will be good. In private life all without changes.