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We decorate New Year`s dishes

the Decor

As at us year of a dark blue cock, that, it is desirable, that the main colour on a festive table was dark blue - dark blue cloths, napkins. An ideal variant - a combination dark blue and white. The needles will create sensation of new year and will add delicate aroma to a table, therefore it is necessary to put in the centre of a table a vase with pine branches. That in new year there was a prosperity, there should be gold subjects - candles, tableware much. It is possible to outline a golden streamer or confetti on a cloth.

the Cock as the hero of the festivities, now to be held in high esteem, therefore necessarily plant it on a table - in the form of a lamp-stand or an ashtray.

we Decorate hot dishes

to Decorate dishes every possible figures from fruit and vegetables for a long time already not in a fashion. The decor on European manners - the whole products or halves is now popular.

the New tendency - meat dishes with fruit glazurirovannymi coverings. As them to do, to us have shown the cook Juliettes .

and desserts
desserts are decorated by slices of fruit or very original figures. For example, it is possible to make of an apple half of a swan. It is necessary is for this purpose thin to cut an apple on quarters, and then serially to put forward, that wings have turned out. A neck by a semicircle it is cut out from a peel and it is inserted in seredinku.

the Recipe

Pork in orange glaze

It is necessary: 3 - 5 kilogramme pork gammon, garlic, korenja, greens, 1 orange, 1 lajm, 80 g sugar, a seed kunzhuta, small tomatoes, salad sheet.
we prepare:
1. the Gammon for 2 - 3 days about new year needs to be pickled. For this purpose it it is made an incision in several places and we lard garlic, korenjami and spices. We put in the refrigerator.
2. When the gammon will be ready, we spread it on protiven.
3. we Prepare glaze. For this purpose we take an orange and it is removed from it a dried peel. If there is no special plug, it is possible to use an ordinary knife.
4. In a dried peel we add juice from an orange and half half lajma.
5. we Add sugar, it is a little water and we put on fire that sugar has thawed. With the received glaze we water pork.
6. the tomato and salad leaves Is decorated rublenoj by greens, a seed kunzhuta, halves small.