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The Cheburashka has lighted, and the horse could not catch up with a vehicle

Remember bearded a joke about the actor of provincial theatre to whom the chance to act in film in the Hollywood blockbuster for in one million dollars drops out?
- I can not, - that sadly responds. - at me a fur-tree
This joke is remembered in days of vacation when in each theatre and Palace of culture take place New Year`s performances. During such representations there are so much any funny things!

Mum, and the Cheburashka smokes!

- As - that in a New Year`s fairy tale in sports Palace Kashchej Immortal was one of characters, - the soloist of musical theatre of theatre Lada Semenova tells. - the Actor played it in a black suit with the image of a white skeleton and in terrible a make-up. Once the actor unexpectedly was ill. To call another for replacement were not in time any more. Performances in sports Palace go under a soundtrack, from the character it is not required to speak. Therefore have decided to let out urgently on a scene someone from other employees. One worker of a scene, elderly and thin, at that time was going to insert tooth artificial limbs and temporarily went without teeth. It also have dressed in Kascheyev a suit. And when that has smiled, all have gasped: a make-up it was not required, so it was terrible! Performance has passed on hurrah .

- Me the case after performance with the Cheburashka and a crocodile Genoj was remembered, soloist Alexander Kutjavin remembers. - representation very much was pleasant to Children. And any young spectator, under impression, has gone for side scenes with mum. The boy, having passed through a scene, left on a ladder where there was an improvised smoking-room. Among other smokers there there was also an actress in a suit of the Cheburashka.

- Mum, mum, and the Cheburashka smokes! - the dumbfounded boy has begun to yell.

the Horse tried to be put on the move
In other New Year`s fairy tale on a scenic platform the sledge harnessed by a three of horses left. Each horse represented with the help skins two actors of chorus: one put on itself(himself) a head another, having bent down, showed a back half. The actress Anna Strelbitsky has told that as - that one of actors was late, and one a horse was not in time to put on . As a result spectators have seen, how two horses dragged behind themselves sledge with the Snow Maiden, and the third skipped trace, trying to be put on the move. Naturally, it was not possible to it, but all event called explosions of laughter both in a hall, and behind side scenes.

On other morning performance before a playtime the children drove a round dance round a fur-tree in foyer.

- When I who have been dressed up by Father Frost, have invited kiddies to read any poem, - the soloist of theatre Michael Korolev tells, - the brisk little boy of years of six has willingly responded.

- Hi, the Grandfather the Frost, - he has started to read a rhyme, - a beard from cotton wool
Father Frost with the Snow Maiden have pricked up the ears, of course, and the boy know to itself recites:
- You to us have brought gifts
At last, when an ice couple already shifted from one foot to the other, expecting that now will burst a thunder the fellow has finished:
- the Grandfather moustached?

And the Snow Maiden, and the Grandfather have amicably exhaled the Frost: no trouble has not occurred!

this year over children is kidding Woman Jaga.

And here the Snow Maiden has started to thaw

This case it is possible to carry to the category of the tragicomic. During one of New Year`s representations where the actress of theatre Lyudmila Putilovsky played the Snow Maiden, on a course of a plot Old man Hottabych said magic words: the Miracle, create, the Snow Maiden, be! the actress hid at this time behind a fur-tree and after the sheaf of sparks (magic was scattered!) In smoke clubs appeared before enthusiastic small spectators. Performance went, as usual, but suddenly to time diableries one of sparks has got on the fur coat of the Snow Maiden edged by fur, and that the beginnings to thaw .

- All has occurred so unexpectedly that I even have become puzzled, - Lyudmila has shared. - and then has not begun to cry nearly: the Brand new magnificent fur coat of the Snow Maiden decayed directly in the face of, becoming black, and to me it became so it is a pity! I, of course, as could, extinguished hands in varezhkah the decaying dress, but all the same have been as a result spoilt both a suit, and my own Finnish stockings (luxury for those times!) In general, on a remark I left awfully upset, and my partner in a scene has calmed in a sight me. And spectators, on - to mine, even have not noticed anything.

Horsemen lay vpovalku with horses

At one time why - that has been decided to give New Year`s fairy tales on January, 1st.

- Imagine, what is it - to play 10 - hour morning performance? - The soloist of theatre Vladimir Koljavkin asks.
Representation began that on a scene three horsemen left. Actors put on suits - bags in the form of horse muzzles with a torso and a tail, it looked rather naturally. However morning performance why - that have detained: at first for 5 minutes, then for 10. Actors, not in a status after a sleepless New Year`s eve to stand on the feet, with pleasure would sit down, but it was impossible from - for suits. And then directly on a scene they have laid down! The picture was impressing: before a curtain people and " lay vpovalku; horses . Other actors, coming on a scene, at the sight of such scene started to laugh impetuously.