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The river station in Novosibirsk will be designed by Italians?

at a meeting with journalists Vladimir Gorodetsky has told about the most actual for novosibirtsev news

Port main recesses

in the mayoralty wait Recently the Italian delegation has visited. Its visit has been connected with prospects of development of Novosibirsk river port. This one of few enterprises as whom it is possible to consider as the coeval of our city - the port has celebrated the 100 - letie.

For century history there was everyone. Some times the port was on the verge of bankruptcy. But now, fortunately, the situation has changed. Already a cart - works on extraction and sand transportation were updated. As to steam-ships, they become one of components of system of transport of our city. Trips not only on walking, but also to country routes are made.

- Rechport suggests to equip a pier and to construct modern river station, - Vladimir GORODETSKY, the mayor has informed, - the Italian company has already offered the project of a new building.

to choose a management company the rating

will help But not only the beauty of structures interests townsmen. More often into a public reception of the mayor are converted on questions housing - municipal services. And in reforming of this branch enormous work is done: more than 90 % of the population of Novosibirsk were already defined with the form of government the habitation while in the next cities have hardly stepped 50 - a percentage barrier.

but one moment is important and more: if tenants completely pay services from a management company they should demand corresponding quality of service. To supervise work UK, the special coordination council concerning housing and communal services which is headed by the mayor of Novosibirsk is created.

- Now in this system lacks still suffice, - Vladimir Gorodetsky has explained, - we will work in it year after that we will place on an official site of a city a rating of management companies. Then people can estimate, for what they pay money. And if necessary to replace a management company with that which work will count as more effective.

in a city there will be new trams

In the General layout is provided that trams remain one of municipal transportation principal views. Moreover, they become high-speed. But it is prospect, and here new trams povjatsja on city streets already soon. For electrotransport updating it is allocated 162 million roubles. Next year reconstruction travmajnyh ways also will proceed.