Rus News Journal

Decade of older persons

In polyclinics

it is entrusted to Head physicians to organise delivery of target coupons on reception to narrow experts and on planned treatment in day hospitals. To veterans it is difficult to them to move, doctors - therapists and stomatologists will come home.

the City centre of medical preventive maintenance on October, 4th with 10. 00 spends the Open day. The address of the centre of medical preventive maintenance: street Koshurnikova, 16, the underground “ the Birchwood “.

In drugstores

Under veteran certificates in municipal drugstores it will be possible to get medicines at a discount from 3 to 15 %. In a drugstore น 10 will sell tonometers at a discount 10 %. In drugstores นน 70 and 48 older persons can buy glasses under preferential quotations, and also consult at the doctor - the ophthalmologist, and in “ to Optics - 2 “ - free of charge to check up sight, to choose glasses and lenses.

in baths and dry-cleaners

In the Central area: In hairdressing salons (Red pr - t, 77เ; Krylov`s street, 3; street Zhurinsky, 37; street Ippodromsky, 45; street October, 42; the street of Lomonosov, 61) will make cost of a female hairstyle from 40 to 150 roubles, man`s - from 40 to 100 rub - pour. In a dry-cleaner on street Soviet, 52, to elderly townspeople will render services at a discount 10 %. Shoe workshops of Open Company “ Klarino “ (Red pr - t, 50; street Soviet, 50เ; Red pr - t, 67; Krylov`s street, 11) also are ready to give to veterans of a discount.

in Pervomaisk area at a discount 50 % will serve in hairdressing salons on street May Day, 104, and street Ejhe, 13. Discounts will give in a shoe workshop on street May Day, 164/ 1.

In Kirovsk area of pensioners will serve at reduced prices in hairdressing salons on street Zorge, 12; street Olovozavodsky, 1/ 2 and 12/ 1; street New Year`s, 24; street Concrete, 7; street Petuhova, 20.

In Zaeltsovsky area to older persons will give discounts in a photographer`s studio (street D. Kovalchuk, 396), in a dry-cleaner on street New, 24, in shoe workshops on street D. Kovalchuk, 16 and 28; street Depovsky, 36; in hairdressing salons on street Kropotkina, 126/ 1; street Zalessky, 4; street the Airport, 2/ 2 and 45; street Zhukovsky, 107.

In Dzerzhinsk area the dry-cleaner on street Knitted, 60/ 1, will render to pensioners of service at a discount 40 % on cleaning and linen washing; hairdressing salons on pr - that Dzerzhinsky, 38 and 32, Gogol`s street, 208, will serve older persons with discounts of 50 % and 30 %.

In the Soviet area of a privilege will give hairdressing salons: street Academic, 19; Children`s avenue, 10; street Vetluzhsky, 22; street of Engels, 14, street Barrier, 12, street Russian, 26; street Demakova, 11; street Arbuzova, 11; Ivanov`s street, 30; Work street, 16, street Field, 5/ 7; street Lesosechnaja, 6; street of Workers, 15.

At cinemas