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Siberians have celebrated wedding of century. A trolley bus

They have arrived on it to a registry office, and have then gone to travel on a city

Probably, soon wedding limousines will leave in the past. And what? Sooner or later traditions change, newly married prefer to mark bright event differently - so that it was for a long time remembered by the not banal action. Anyway, a newly-married couple Yana Zhukovsky and Nik Buhty has preferred to go to a registry office on... An excursion trolley bus. But about all one after another...

wake up and... Marry me!

Yana always was the habitue of various clubs and parties. About such fairly speak: the ringleader and soul of the company. On one of parties of visitors of a Novosibirsk chat Yana also has got acquainted with Anybody.

- if it is fair, Yana was pleasant at once to me, I such brisk did not meet, - Nik laughs.

to Yana the guy too has attracted, and it was not against that cheerful Nik spent her to the house. Soon Yana and Nik began to meet, and a bit later and to live together. And once...

- I have arrived from Bruxelles at night. After sleepless flight I terribly would like to sleep. But in nine mornings in my apartment the call was distributed. Leaders of a morning broadcast tried to amuse me (there is on local radio station such transfer which leaders at the desire of investigators arrange pobudku informing the heroes pleasant news. - a bus comment) - Yana smiles. - in the end they have told that Nik asks my hand.

the girl was in shock from such unusual offer, but to Yana remains nothing how to declare on weigh Novosibirsk that it agrees to be wife Nika...

to kiss under shouts Bitterly! Yana and Niku had to keep for hand-rail.

Instead of limousines and restaurant - a trolley bus

to Celebrate wedding in a trolley bus on the next family council has offered Nik, the idea was pleasant to Yana. Further a trick: have redeemed a trolley bus, and in the wedding day the groom and the bride have gone on the big large object directly to a registry office.

- it was ridiculous, when from surprise mouths opened wide all and shouted to us Bitterly! - Yana smiles. - and our friends too were in shock when we have suggested them to become passengers of a trolley bus.

and then the unusual wedding train has gone to travel on a city. It is good that in salon little tables have been equipped: with appetizer, champagne, it began to remind ambulatory restaurant already. More close by midnight a newly-married couple have brought to the house. And in the morning happy spouses have taken off for Turkey, in the present honeymoon trip.

... Yana and Nik live a year happy home life, the wedding in a trolley bus remember with pleasure. Still, such you will not forget never! Will pass years, and they with a smile will look through photos where unusual matrimony is embodied...

- we are really happy together, - the pleasure is shone in the opinion of Yana. - and the only thing about what we now dream, of our firstborn...