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The telegramme from lawyer Kirkorov has arranged furore in Railway court novosibirska

Lawyer pevetsa has written in the telegramme that Phillip knows the price the Bregett but to drag out process does not want

we Will remind: in Novosibirsk from the middle of February there are hearings on the case of theft in Novosibirsk circus of things of Phillip Kirkorov (while the singer appeared on stage, at it from a make-up room have whistled for hours, a player and all cash). Accused on business Siberian Lilija Muhomadeeva acts - at it in November, 2006 militiamen have found hours and Kirkorov`s mobile phone (see for November, 21st, 2006 and a site nsk.) .

On hearings on the case of theft of hours expensive to it (Phillip admitted that is a gift of one very important person for it) Kirkorov has never arrived. There was no it and at hearing on August, 23rd when the judge has sounded nastojashchubju sensation: the independent expert appraisal recognised that hours of Kirkorov stand... 16 thousand euro, instead of 98 as Phillip has declared. Such serious blow on the reputation a star of bottoms - platforms leave without the answer could not. I will prove that my hours - not cheap stuff! - he has declared. A leah it is necessary to say that after such words yesterday`s zasedanijasuda waited with the stood breath. And more one loud statement has not kept itself waiting long.

- my client already has two independent experts statements, that cost of hours - 100 thousand euro as it is hours of Phillip Kirkorov. But not to tighten removal of a judicial verdict, he insists on a legal investigation with the account available in examination materials, - the judge has read at hearing the telegramme from the lawyer of singer Andrey Marochkina.

That is now charge to gipsy Lydia Muhomadeevoj sounds as theft in the large size (instead of in especially large as was earlier - the Comment red.) . And it means, as the maximum term on which it can get to prison, was reduced till 5 years. It is not excluded that Muhomadeeva on a broader scale will get off with conditional term and the penalty.

- I on - former do not consider myself guilty of fulfilment of the given crime, - Muhomadeeva has again declared yesterday.

Following hearing have appointed to October, 30th, but Kirkorov on it it will not be exact: in the same telegramme the lawyer of the singer has declared that Kirkorov has asked to consider case in its absence.

from the file

Process has turned to correspondence on telegraph

From the very beginning business with theft of hours of Kirkorov promised to be full of startlers and... Very long. You only remember - inspectors Railway RUVD how long asked the singer to take away hours Bregett .

on January, 13th, 2007: Kirkorov, take away hours! - Novosibirsk detectives who have found for star loss beg:

http:// www./ daily/ 23837/ 62074/

And them it was possible to understand - without it it was impossible to bring the matter into court. At last, a chubby folder with Lilii Muhomadeevoj business has left in court, and has begun... Over and over again Kirkorov sent telegrammes that cannot arrive. That is ill, a concert... In - the general, not hearing, and correspondence of people in a robe with a platform star on telegraph... And that was further - read!

on July, 4th, 2007: Phillip Kirkorov instead of itself has sent hours:

http:// nsk./ 2007/ 07/ 04/ doc184995/

Kirkorov was not on court session (though promised). But instead of itself has sent with the lawyer those hours - for examination.

on August, 24th, 2007: Kirkorov`s Stolen watch stand six times less:

http:// www./ daily/ 23955/ 72034

the Expert has estimated hours per 6 times less, than has declared kirkorov. The singer was indignant: These hours to me were presented by the person who not begins to give cheap things!

on September, 11th, 2007: Kirkorov will prove that it the watch has come to a standstill 98 thousand euro :

http:// nsk./ news/ 268640/? doc2=1542

Kirkorov has promised that will give proofs of dearness of the hours, but promises those and remained...