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It is time to put inoculations from entsefalita

are summed up next kleshchevogo a season in the Novosibirsk region. Health officers consider that next year the number of sad exods can increase: money for inoculations from a horrible disease are not allocated till now.

- predictably, this year into first-aid posts were converted on third more bitten by pincers novosibirtsev, than in the past, - almost 19 thousand, - the head of department epidemiologii Gossanepidnadzor across the Novosibirsk region tells Leonty KOZLOVSKY. - If this year we have not spent protivokleshchevuju processing of some territories the quantity of victims would be even more. With suspicion on entsefalit 780 persons (including 60 children) have been hospitalised. At 219 of them contamination kleshchevogo entsefalita has been confirmed by a virus laboratory. In 18 cases illness proceeded very hard, and 11 diseased have died.

we were converted behind consultation to experts GNTTS of virology and biotechnology Vector .

- Essentially the problem with kleshchevym entsefalitom is solved, - the laboratory chief " has told; the Vector which studies this disease. - all rests against money.

as the basic measures of struggle against an infection experts name inoculations, chemical processing of parks, and also liquidation of dumps which produce transferring entsefalit rodents.

- yes, we now have remarkable vaccines from this misfortune, - has confirmed Leonty Kozlovsky. - They protect from illness on all hundred. Here only to put them it is necessary in advance, in October - December, after - the sense is not present, immunity will not be developed. However, we them and have not received till now a vaccine... Why? Behind the answer to this question, probably, it is better to you to be converted in oblzdrav.

- the vaccine will be, - has promised the deputy chief oblzdrava Vadim ASTAKHOV. - all necessary documents are already prepared, it is necessary to transfer only money.

Alexander SIDOROV.