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In the street Kirov Toyota has rammed a trolley bus

45 - the summer passenger horned it has appeared in hospital in a grave condition

Tuesday, 17. 30. Along the street Kirov, at a roadside, towards State Public Scientific Technical Library the trolley bus 8 goes chock-full passengers. Dark blue Toyota on the second strip in several metres has ahead started blinking right povorotnikom also it has started to be reconstructed on the second strip. That was further, anybody has not understood - before a foreign car cowl there is a trolley bus side, a bump, groans in salon horned Our correspondents have appeared on a road accident place after few minutes after collision.

the Conductor of a trolley bus had most to communicate with GAI officers: the driver from shock has forgotten Russian.

- you even do not ask, as my name is! - has waved hands the conductor, quickly hiding in a pocket the tablet with the FIO. - After failure on Siberians - Guardsmen for each superfluous word can dismiss the Woman has got from - under seats a rag and has once again tried otteret from forward seats mayonnaise splashes. The poured milk underfoot squelched.

- All floor has filled in the Forward seat from mayonnaise in any way otteret I can not - all the same fat stains remain, - the conductor has sighed and has suddenly frowned. - it is fine though milk, instead of blood is poured

In several metres from a trolley bus in the car Fast stack the woman of years 45 practically without consciousness. It went just on a forward seat and at the moment of failure has strongly hit about a hand-rail that is fastened before a seat.

in 10 minutes on a place of accident there have arrived employees of traffic police. Have bypassed a road accident place, have come into a trolley bus and have declared:

- for Business dark, search now guilty Let give evidences, and then and we will settle, to whom the penalty to write out.

here also there was a hitch: it was found out that the driver of a trolley bus of Vahot on - russki - boom - boom. All repeated Me podrezali! and it is more - words about happened. Has rushed to tell the conductor, yes too did not leave: during that moment it distributed tickets for a back platform so anything and did not see.

The Driver Toyotas 23 - summer Bahtijar, has told also to GAI officers the version of an event.

- I as drive a year the car and rules I know! - the driver has exhaled. - I saw in a mirror that I am am overtaken by the car on the front page, behind it the trolley bus I actually already moves was reconstructed, when has understood that there was a blow. By inertia I have driven some more metres, Who has then stopped

is particularly guilty in yesterday`s incident, employees of traffic police have refused to speak:

- Business we will pass in investigatory department. If there will be an originator, it will pay treatment of the suffered. And on a broader scale, a failure situation any uncertain. Straight off to tell, who is guilty of road accident, it is impossible.

watches succession of events.