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The lemur has come running in hospital to brush teeth

to perform operation, veterinary surgeons had to lull an animal.

the Zoo in Novosibirsk, whatever you may say, big - to children on pleasure, and to veterinary surgeons - sometimes in burden Because it is necessary to do by it simply exotic operations recently: that a hernia to a monkey will cut out, a kitten of a Bengalese cat of hemorrhoids will cure... Here and this time in an office known Novosibirsk veterinary surgeon Evgenie Kozlova had an unusual patient - a striped lemur katta. And illness, to put it mildly, strange for a monkey - a toothache and stones on canines.

- at once have guessed: something not so - sladkoezhka we gnawed fruit with such suffering grimace that tears navorachivalis, - were told the livestock specialist of the Novosibirsk zoo by Galina DROZDOVA.

it is visible, terrible love to stomatologists in blood at all live beings: a lemur, having understood that for its procedure expects, was indignant also the beginnings The rights to swing . Grinned, escaped, continually strove to snatch - in general, behaved as the present animal. And teeth - that though also patients, but tjapnet time such striped - will not seem a little.

- It was necessary to put the general narcosis to help the poor fellow, - veterinary surgeon Evgenie of GOATS has told. - and then to treat teeth and to clean scales.

in half an hour the lemur could posopernichat the belozuboj a smile with any star of Hollywood...