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Windows of thy house

BFK DECLARES COMPETITION CARRYING out Windows of thy city AMONG SCHOOLBOYS of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region

Dear children!

the newspaper and company BFK invite you to become participants of competition of children`s creativity Windows of thy city .

Who can take part in competition Windows of thy city ?

Take part in competition schoolboys at the age from 6 till 17 years can. From each school, lycee, a grammar school of your city any quantity the person can participate. In competition 3 nominations are provided:

the Best literary work . It can be article, a sketch, verses, interview, the composition, the motto, the slogan and etc.
the Best visual representation . It can be drawing, the poster, a collage, a photo and etc.
the Best creative work . Applied art - a moulding, hand-made articles from a various material and etc.

In each nomination are provided on three age categories:
Pupils of elementary grades of all educational institutions (1 - 4 classes) (the first category).
pupils of middle classes of all educational institutions (5 - 7 classes) (the second category).
pupils of the senior classes of all educational institutions (8 - 11 classes) (the third category).

In the program can take part and commands. The line-up should be one category of participants. Your command should have the name and the head.

what prizes will be handed over winners?

the Main prize of Competition Windows of thy city - the digital camera. Besides, nobody remains without souvenirs from .

Besides the above-stated finalists will be awarded: the Best collective work The most active school the Most active head - for active and effective participation in competition under the decision of the competitive commission.

what key rules of participation in competition?

For participation in our competition it is necessary:

to Fill the demand of the participant and together with work to give on consideration of the competitive commission till October, 20th, 2007 the Ready form of the demand it is possible to receive at company offices BFK in Novosibirsk:

Factory, 8
Koshurnikova, 8
Titov, 22
Station, 28
or you can download the electronic demand from our site.

application forms for participation and the works sent after October, 20th, are not accepted.

order forms for participation in competition and posters are directed to each school. If you do not have possibility to unpack the demand for each work, it is authorised to specify a necessary contact information on the back of work or in the sheet attached to it.

in the demand of the participant of competition it is underlined:

a surname, a name, a patronymic konkursanta (that we knew FIO winners);
date of birth and a class (that we could rank you to 1 of 3 age categories);
a category of the participant (on what nomination work is declared);
a contact information - a residence (city), the house. Phone, school phone, e - a mail (that we could contact you and invite to rewarding ceremony);
a study place, the name and number (school/ a class);
a surname, a name, a patronymic of the teacher - the organizer;
the command name (for collective works);
a surname, a name, a patronymic of the head (it is obligatory for collective works).

are not supposed to participation in competition and anonymous works (null information about the participant of competition) are not considered.

Where works of participants of competition are accepted?

Works on participation in Competition together with demands (them it is possible to fill directly on a place) are accepted at company offices BFK in Novosibirsk:

Factory, 8
Koshurnikova, 8
Titov, 22
Station, 28

Works for a nomination the Best literary work it is possible to direct electronic mail on konkurs@bfk address. ru.

Who and how will estimate works of participants?

Summarizing of competition and definition of finalists will pass till November, 1st, 2007. Rewarding of winners will take place from October, 25th till November, 5th, 2007.