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The Kazakh thong has registered on « to the Siberian fair »

From expocentre passes Victoria MINAEV

- Buy a handwork hat, - there has begun conversation with correspondents the girl with truly east name of Kuralaj. - That you prefer fur, the textiles, all handwork. Also costs only 1500...

Kuralaj Termekbaeva - has arrived to take part in national exhibitions of commodity producers of Kazakhstan which has opened today in expocentre the Siberian fair about caps in style Golden Horde silver coins and... Even thongs the girl knows all.

In such flasks even vodka does not exhaust.

is for you, Siberians, a thong can and in wonder, - east Sheherezada smiles. - At us in each house they hang. Also has put here at all in horses, and in their magic force. They drive away evil ghosts, minister some kind of oberegom.

- And the wife useless it is possible to take in hand, - one more representative of the solar south interferes with our conversation.

about the wife, of course, it is a joke. Kazakhstan - the country ancient traditions and with quite modern aspirations, including in sphere to economy. For example, for passed half a year goods turnover of Kazakhstan with Russia has made 7,3 billion dollars. Economists nazyvajuteti achievements rather impressing.

the Largest company Kazhrom makes one million tons of ferroalloys and chromic ore.

- With Kazakhstan borders cannot divide us, - the assistant to the governor of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Nikonov has told to visitors of an exhibition. - We are united by century friendship, moreover, we are considered as one people. Therefore we wish all participants of an exhibition success, and the main thing - kind and reliable partners. In a word, all new contacts and contracts.

in hope of it 36 largest manufacturers from seven areas of Kazakhstan have exposed the goods on court of the Novosibirsk spectator. Here to you and such largest companies as Kazhrom which makes one million tons of ferroalloys and chromic ore and co-operates with Japan, the USA, EU, here and Tegnizshevroil who is one of krupnejshihdobytchikov oil in the world a word what only giants are not present. But without representatives of small-scale business at fair also has not managed.

Beer - it and in Kazakhstan beer, and the name at it Russian: Pavlodar.

And not only national caps and thongs it has appeared the Kazakhstan earth is rich. For example, at an exhibition beer on " has been presented even; 70 Tenges and also sweets the Bird`s milk Only in the Kazakhstan variant.