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On shootings the fear Factor Elena Sajapinu Cyril Nabutov

has fascinated the Reality - show the fear Factor organised by NTV broadcasting company, already it has had time to be fallen in love to millions Russian spectators. Participants of this show suspend for feet on support of the main bridges, force to catch a raven, and still feed with cockroaches and other muck. In shootings which passed in Hunts - Mansijske, we has taken part also zemljachka - agency model Elite of Starz Elena Sajapina. After returning home Elena has told to the correspondent about the most interesting moments of the exotic tour.

- the most amusing that I have got to show, without having put almost any efforts, - Elena remembers. - moreover, I even never saw it on the TV. Simply once in our agency have called from NTV and have told that with pleasure take in show one of our models. On shootings have sent me. On a broader scale, first to remove the program should in Southern Africa, but then from - for the financial problems which have arisen at organizers of show, it should be transferred in Hunts - Mansijsk. But all the same there was so in a fantastic way! I remember, in one of competitions participants had to eat a venison, but not meat, and interiors of an unfortunate animal. To them blindfolded, and they pulled out them from the big tub. Who that pulled out - that and should eat. Heart, a liver, kidneys and other internal. By the way, to feed us with cockroaches during shootings as it was planned at first, organizers of show did not become. Though, I think that I would eat an insect, without having frowned.

originally Vladimir Turchinsky known as Dynamite should conduct show. However at the last minute have preferred it popular TV reporter Cyril Nabutova. It has appeared, Tourist`s Chinsky both in front of the chamber, and in life - very rigid person, organizers have decided that it will be difficult to it to get on with participants of a reality - show. Nabutov, by a recognition faktorovtsev it has appeared simply the nice fellow.

- yes, in front of the chamber it was very strict, - Elena smiles. - - actually Cyril - very lovely, sociable person. To communicate with it it was simply healthy. On shootings, I remember, there was a funny case: when our little girls - participants left in the following round, I have rushed to them with congratulations. Nabutov threatens me with a finger: a pier, leave a shot. Spectators after all have got used that show is a rivalry, intrigues, almost fights and so on. And I here for rivals rejoice. But we had very amicable company. After shootings we quite often hung out together: went on discos, to restaurants. At times the company to us was made even by Nabutov together with the colleagues. On the eve of departure, I remember, the guy who has defeated show, has solved To be put down : and here we sit, we have fun. Time five mornings to leave in six - and we and we do not think to disperse .

But the brightest event there was an acquaintance of participants the fear Factor with known musicians: Vyacheslav Butusov, Garik Sukachyov, Sergey Galanin. Them have specially invited in Hunts - Mansijsk to entertain faktorovtsev .

- Acquaintance was amusing enough, - Elena Sajapina tells. - We have already come on a concert as Nabutov resorts and speaks: Children, here on a scene call us. We leave, we will sing? we respond: Certainly! Have gone to a make-up room to rehearse a song, have decided to execute Grebenshchikova - the City gold . Here it is suddenly found out that we do not remember, how the second couplet begins. I began to be knocked on all doors successively: Excuse, you will not prompt a song word? Butusov could not remember, there is Sukachyov, the mouth has opened and has confusedly smiled: I do not remember . Galanin so on a broader scale on ten has run minutes into prostration. As a result it was necessary to sing the City - a fairy tale groups Dances the Minus . Sukachyov after performance has sent us the invitation to a concert in Novosibirsk, and I have made friends with guitarists rock ruffs of Mary (the singer whom now actively untwist. - a comment.) . Till now esemeskami we are thrown.

in Hunts - Mansijske with ours zemljachkoj has happened one more amusing story.

- one of participants was local, - Elena speaks. - in general, we have arrived to hostel, I feel, this girl as - that is strange on me looks. I understand that her face is vaguely familiar to me. I approach to find out and here suddenly I understand that with it we together lived in a hostel of Novosibirsk institute of communication, call its Oksana. Here it was the meeting! So much emotions were, you simply do not represent to yourselves!


Elena SaJapina