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Carpets with Putin went on rashvat...

However, last a copy have sold to nobody

Not a secret that very soon, on October, 7th, at Vladimir Putin birthday - 55 years. Moreover and its visit to Novosibirsk has struck a heat in fire: last days interest to souvenirs with the image of the President have swept away from counters as hot pies.

... The most unusual thing with Vladimir Vladimirovicha`s image is on sale in shop 1001 trifle at the Gusinobrodsky flea market. It is a carpet 160 on 110 centimetres! There is it 4,5 thousand roubles, but... It sell to nobody.

- Tvattsat Putin pradali, - were told to correspondents by the smiling worker of a warehouse of Sandzhar. - Odyn remained, we will give.

here also hangs the Tadjik gross national product on a wall in loneliness - involves visitors and looks at them slightly sad eyes.

- Handwork, in Tajikistan it is weaved, - with love the saleswoman Natalia has spent a hand on long pile. - the people for few days have snatched away. I remember, the guy has come and at once five pieces has bought. I ask: what for to you so it is a lot of? And it in the answer: as the trucker I work, to Omsk to chiefs of traffic police in a gift I will bring, that were not too strict.

In Putin`s shop almost on to get

For those who likes to do beautiful things by the hands, in Novosibirsk shops have prepared sets for embroidery. Only instead of traditional florets - berries it is necessary to embroider the person of the President. The price quite democratic - 460 roubles for all complete set: a mouline thread, needles, a tambour and a small outline.

and in TSUMe some days ago completely grind party of the Moscow nested dolls. As you, probably, have already guessed, on biggest of them Putin has been drawn.

- not only that beautiful painted so also are made with humour. On the biggest nested doll Vladimir Vladimirovich, and in it " is represented; are hidden Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Brezhnev and Khruschev. And they cost not so expensively - 550 roubles, - Irina Sumarokov has made a helpless gesture selling assistant TSUMa. - even to ourselves does not remain.