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Sergey Lazarev: I not the gay!

the singer asserts, what gay Ksjusha Sobchak named it for fun

- Where it? - Hundreds little girls were stirred, standing nearby DKZH, - And suddenly Serezha will not arrive

As a result fanatkam Sergey Lazareva it was necessary to wait about two hours, simply Sergey has decided to go to Novosibirsk not by train as it has been planned earlier, and by the bus.

and all - taki the promised concert has taken place. On a scene Sergey some times changed suits: in the beginning it acted in a usual black vest and black trousers, and then, is visible slightly having frozen slightly, has slipped on usual olimpijku. Therefore song execution Bell in a jumpsuit looked at least comically.

Having won back a concert and having wished admirers happiness and good Sergey has gone in grimmerku. There behind a substitute have jerked tens fans

- Three - four, we include rington with Serezhej, - the leader the fan - movements Olesya ordered, pressing buttons of the cellular. - and now let`s shout: LA - FOR - the ROAR .

And while fans in every possible way tried to draw attention of the substitute, correspondents already in all communicated with a star.

Lazarev: Sobchak has over me joked, I not the gay!

- Sergey, what do you think of the statement of your girlfriend Xenia Sobchak which on the air has called you

- It`s OK, - has sharply interrupted Lazarev not to hear that word. - I do not love men. And with Ksjushej at us till now remarkable relations. After its scandalous statement my phone was simply broken off from calls. Acquaintances asked: Serezha, and it is truth?. I, at first, too have been surprised by the statement of Ksjushi in my address, therefore have called it and have asked that she meant. Sobchak has responded that this was a joke. Therefore I do not take offence.

- and you do not want to joke also of Ksjushej and, for example, now to declare that it

- Is not present, - the actor again not to hear this word has torn off. - you know Ksjushu, it in its style, to provoke and so to joke. I not the such.

Lazarev has not learnt Vlad Topalov`s autograph.

After these words Lazarev has decided to leave the autograph for all readers, having undersigned a marker on a leaf, and has reflected The matter is that the star has seen in hands of the correspondent one more leaf with the autograph.

- learn handwriting?

- Is not present, - Lazarev cut off.

- the Autograph of your former colleague Vlad Topalov.

- a leah and Is Vladik that? - The actor was confused. - it is not similar... OK, I will go there will be with Novosibirsk a fan - club, and that already how long I am am waited, - Sergey has told, going towards shouting fans.

17 - summer Grishu fanatki hardly was have not confused with the singer, so the guy was similar to their substitute.

After a meeting with fans the singer planned to go to restaurant Ostrovsky however, having been tired of distribution of autographs and conversations with fans, has gone at once to hostel Novosibirsk where to it from Ostrovsky also delivered dishes: slices of a salmon under imbirnym marinade, mousse from a trout with a red currant and are hot - a river trout on a grill with the scalded vegetables. However Sergey and its musicians were not limited to a small fish and have decided to relax a little in a hostel bar where have reserved to itself beer. Naturally, one glass has not managed. Moreover, actors, having accepted on a chest, on a broader scale have poured beer on a carpet Then, having understood that for today will suffice, have gone to numbers.