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At restaurant have salted saffron milk caps and prepare a duck in fault

A day before Russian - the Kazakhstan forum the Academgorodok was transformed beyond recognition - on roads a new marking, and along them - beautiful fences

It was supposed that the basic part of actions Russian - the Kazakhstan forum will pass in Academgorodok. To arrival of honoured guests scale preparation here has begun: along all roads have laid new borders, have anew broken beds which on Wednesday has beaten a frost, razveshali on all columns tags of Russia and Kazakhstan

the New fence fences off dirty booths from eyes of the president.

On Bottom Eltsovke booths East kitchen Beer - cigarettes and Hot beljashi located along a line, have blocked a fence moreover and a siding have sheathed. Separating bars on a line too became much brighter, the fresh paint is clearly visible. And after all still one week ago all this beauty and in pomine was not

- Koljan! Give more exactly. Crookedly leaves.

Near the House of Scientists vanity - last time the president here was, is not excluded, as this time will glance. Two workers on a building facade hang up the huge poster informing about Russian - the Kazakhstan symposium. It is visible that very much try:

- Koljan, give more exactly, crookedly hangs!

- yes pogodi you, do not see - a wind blows off! And a rope etch more easy.

but, perhaps, the enormous electronic board became the greatest investment of the House of Scientists to arrival of important visitors. On it are going to broadcast the list of actions.

- At us the House of Scientists is always ready to arrival of visitors. If will arrive, it is simply remarkable, - Tatyana Balburova, the head a press - services of the House of Scientists is assured. - our hall, for example, is ready to accept at itself everybody, and I am assured that censures will not be. Now here the screen was put in the street yes by tags, and inside DU and so all is perfect - no special preparation is necessary to us.

the Frozen flowers will blossom again to arrival of the president.

In 2005 of gross national product has not failed to glance in restaurant of the House of Scientists, it is not excluded, as this year Putin and Nazarbayev will have dinner here. We have glanced on kitchen where such attracting smells soar in air - will begin to rock!

- yes, really, Vladimir Vladimirovich had already dinner at us and remained is very happy. Our Siberian saffron milk caps, and still a sterlet especially were pleasant to it, its president too ate with pleasure. But this time at us the special menu, and we will tell to nobody it, - has mysteriously declared the director of restaurant Nelli Alinovsky.

But after long arrangements, Nelli Alekseevna all - taki has agreed to open one secret specially for KP.

- Into the menu for presidents will enter duck grudka with the fruit, prepared in a cherry and apples...