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« We have missed gross national product and Nazarbayev arrival! On beshbarmak to Kazakhs went! »

in frontier with Kazakhstan areas of the Novosibirsk region about a forum with participation of Presidents of two countries even did not hear

Actually, frontier areas with Kazakhstan in the Novosibirsk region four: Bagansky, Kupinsky, Karasuksky and Chistoozernyj. But in one of them local residents about the forthcoming summit even did not hear.

- yes there is no time us simply to news to look, harvest recently has ended, for winter we prepare, here and promargali everything, - Svetlana GRINENKO, the inhabitant of village Rasskazovo of Karasuksky area laughs.

but there live among themselves Russian and Kazakhs in frontier areas on - to the present is amicable: on days off Russian families go often to friends - to Kazakhs on beshbarmak, and then change, and Kazakhs favour in Russian log huts on pancakes.

- and the best shepherds, than Kazakhs, simply not to find, - in a voice inhabitants of frontier villages speak. - At them any cow was not lost, and they for zhivotiny always find the best pastures.

there is in this butt of honey only one spoon of tar: on border it is necessary frontier guards is unsweetened - they deal not only with Russian, but also with foreign offenders. The criminals operating in these areas, specialise on contraband, cattle thefts, stealings of cars, narcobusiness. But, as guards speak, - all it is reparable, the main desire to put things in order. And it at us - mutual!