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After a forum Putin and Nazarbayev of a fur-tree duck grudku

Presidents should arrive to restaurant in 21. 00

At restaurant La Attics for arrival of presidents have started to prepare almost for a month: protection checked all to district about security of moving of presidents. And in day of a forum the restaurant has been completely closed for visitors - waited for visit of eminent visitors.

- presidents should arrive in 21. 00, a maximum in 22. 00, - have told at restaurant La Attics . - But from - that Vladimir Vladimirovich has arrived to Novosibirsk later, than it has been planned, they have arrived to restaurant about 11 evenings.

by the way, for an hour before arrival in restaurant the district has been around surrounded, and along the street Maxim Gorkogo on distance 150 - 200 metres have blocked off traffic of cars and pedestrians.

to open a secret what exactly was reserved by presidents for a supper, employees La Attics have refused.

- Understand, there is a certain limit of time after which we have the right to tell something, - have explained at restaurant. However, the presidential menu became known practically at once to half of Novosibirsk: Nazarbayev and Putin of a fur-tree... The same duck in fault with fruit that for them were going to prepare in the House of scientists of Academgorodok.

the first persons of two states rather not for long - hardly have stayed more hour in restaurant.