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As well as for how much “ to change “ the car in Novosibirsk?

and to save precious time

“ It is time to translate the car to winter time! “ - advertising slogans on the threshold of a cold season say.

however drivers “ pereobuvat “ the favourites all - taki do not hurry. After all, following the standard opinion if to change tyres though for couple of weeks earlier, winter rubber not to rescue: will deteriorate. For this reason motorists do it is emergency - simultaneously: when the first snow will lay down.

here also comes with the first winter frosts to everyone who does not consider itself as the pedestrian, a new headache: how to pass to winter tyres, without having staid in turn some hours in succession?

experts laconically respond To such question: in any way. And still there is one way if not to avoid expectation, as much as possible to reduce it. It is necessary to get two complete sets of disks and each time to change not tyres, and wheels.

So free time at you will appear twice more: usual “ pereobuvka “ occupies 25 - 30 minutes, and here change of disks with already winter rubber only 10 - 15.

Besides so rubber will minister to you longer: after all everyone “ pereobuvanie “ for it - as painfull operation. And you without effort can turn such business: in replacement of wheels there is nothing essentially difficult. It is necessary to remember that for summer it is better to choose moulding - it and looks more beautifully, and for a great speed will approach is better, well and for the winter the suitable variant is steel disks - for accurate driving on snow-covered streets most that!

However simply to change tyres is one, but to begin with it is necessary to choose them! And it quite another matter. At such wide assortment it is easy to get confused. However novosibirtsy as experts speak, prefer certain stamps.

so, tyres happen summer, all-weather and winter.

“ Vsesezonka “ Has received such name what to go for a drive on it it is possible to +5, and it means: both in the spring, and in the winter, and in the autumn. In what “ to put “ the car in a warm season, basically, is clear: here the choice is insignificant.

and here what to choose for the winter: “ lipuchki “ or “ thorns “ it is valid a problem.

Neshipovannaja rubber behaves in slush, after all its problem - in vytjagivanii waters from a place of a stain of contact of the car and road is better.

It turns out that the car all time goes on a dry surface. And here on ice with “ lipuchkoj “ it is necessary to be accurater - wheels insufficiently well hold coupling with a line. “ thorns “ in turn “ bite “ in ice so, and you feel more confidently and the vehicle obeys is better.

but if suddenly among winter there will be a thaw - thorns will be erased quickly enough and rubber will remind “ bald “.

- The Most good winter rubber from everything that I saw, - Nord Frost 5 Finnish manufacturers Gislaved, - the director of one of Novosibirsk shinomontazhek the Novel KOLESNIKOV has expressed the opinion. - however our motorists prefer more expensive Nokian Hakkapeliitta. Often take and GoodYear.

Therefore it is possible to draw a conclusion that novosibirtsy on the security do not save.

so 15 - inch Nokian are on sale approximately for 4000 one rubles, Gislaved stand about 3000 roubles for a wheel, and for tyres GoodYear it is necessary to lay out from 2800 to 2900 blood, depending on car centre which you will choose.

is, of course, and more modest variants: domestic production tyres. From seven Russian factories - manufacturers experts mark ΐmtel - costs such “ obuvka “ about 1720 roubles for a wheel, and Moscow shinnogo factory, the winter which model of manufacture will manage approximately in 1300 one rubles.

And you tyres change the PEOPLE VOICE or go on shinomontazhku?

Marina, the driver “ Opelja “:

- Yet “ changed the shoes “! Usually my husband is engaged in it - our car on shinomontazhku drives away! I, of course, in it understand nothing!

Yury, the driver “ Mercedes “:

- it is natural, I use experts. The “ Mercedes “ only in the checked up hands I trust.

Paul, the driver Oise:

- I have a possibility on barter rubber to change. Very conveniently, also it costs nothing. And tyres - “ vsesezonka “. Convenient, it is necessary to tell, a thing!

Dmitry, the driver “ Fields “:

- I am able to change tyres, for me it not a problem! And on a broader scale at me “ vsesezonka “ costs, very conveniently! Time has put, and go how much you want.