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CSKA has flashed stars of the European basketball

On Saturday Novosibirsk club started in the Championship of Russia in the Superleague

Novosibirsk basketball club Sibirtelekom - the Locomotive has begun the performance with the immutable favourite of the European basketball by CSKA command. The quantity of stars on a basketball platform simply read off scale. Teodoras Papalukas, Alexey Savrasenko, Tradzhan Lengdon, Zahar Pashutin and John Holden - the players known in all Europe. Therefore the problem at Novosibirsk club was one - to show beautiful basketball.

the first piece of game novosibirtsy not bad looked against eminent basketball players. The bill in game was opened already by Siberian Li Nejlon, having thrown in a basket of Muscovites a ball from a long distance - 3:0. The American forward has spent the first quarter simply perfectly well. Its each attempt to throw a ball was inevitably reflected in a board. However, Leah Nejlona without support of other command productivity has helped: CSKA with great strides increased rupture. If the first quarter of the command have finished with the bill 16:31 already to a final siren of an abacus on a board ascertained a failure of Novosibirsk collective - 60:104.

to the Most productive in structure novosibirtsev was American Li Nejlon who has hammered in 17 points and has made 9 selections.