Rus News Journal

In a weekend there will come Indian summer?

this afternoon it is expected only 1 - 6 degrees of heat. At night the thermometer column again will fall to a zero mark, and probably and more low, to - 2. Tomorrow deposits should stop. The sky will be cleared up, and becomes moroznee, - 2, - 7 at night. In the afternoon all the same +1, +6. To the middle of week, probably, hardly will become warmer, the day temperature will be within 3 - 8 degrees of heat.

a Fobos predicts for the first days of week a high atmospheric background and, as consequence, the clear sky and frosts at night. Tomorrow afternoon only +1, +3, on Wednesday on pair degrees is warmer. And here since Thursday warm dry weather again will return, and all specifies that it and will be Indian summer. By Friday air will get warm to +7, +9, on Saturday already nearby +10. And since Sunday the rain again will begin to drizzle, and the temperature will start to go down gradually.

the Moscow meteobureau gives a sharp cold snap at today`s night - to 4 degrees of a frost. Tomorrow afternoon only +3, by the night again will freeze, nearby - 3. Since Wednesday warming will begin. In the afternoon already +6, by Saturday to 11 degrees above zero. On Sunday the site too gives a cold snap, but without any precipitations.