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Recruits try to delay an appeal till the spring not to minister superfluous half a year

Recruits try to delay an appeal till the spring not to minister superfluous half a year

2000 Novosibirsk recruits will receive a hairstyle " in this autumn; under a zero and a vacation package in army. Not the secret that this appeal - last when guys send to minister for 1,5 years. So opposition of recruits and a military registration and enlistment office was heated more than ever: guys do not want to sweep a parade-ground of one and a half year, knowing that in the following appeal will send to drudge in total for 12 months. Here and zapestreli fences announcements I will solve problems with a military registration and enlistment office and military registration and enlistment offices introduce all new and new draconian methods on search and capture uklonistov.

the Counterfeit inquiry will not rescue from army?

to solve, goden or not goden the recruit for service in army, voenkomy are guided by two criteria: a state of health and marital status. Flash a registry office stamp in the passport the rare Novosibirsk recruit can, therefore there is a health. More precisely - its absence: guys try to deceive medical board who on what is ready. And in banks not sterilised analyses hand over, and sick friends instead of itself the commission in hospital to pass send.

- and I here am extreme from army otmazyvalsja - has shared with belobiletnik Nikita. - from a ball pen has pulled out a ball, has washed out it. And then an edge has made a cut on chest right side, has placed there a ball, then all has closed up with a plaster. On fljuorogramme a lumbago it has turned out. And then through familiar doctors in hospital has obtained the inquiry that at me a serious illness of lungs. Only not all carries, and in a military registration and enlistment office too it is far not fools sit: all cunnings know also lime inquiries from the presents too on time distinguish.

are recruits think that can deceive us. Actually all their cunnings are known for a long time, - Vyacheslav Potapov, the chairman military - has smiled to the medical commission. - after all one year ago they passed the similar commission and if then serious sores were not and now they hardly can appear.

as an extreme method - suspicious patients send on inspection not in usual hospital, and in military hospital. Only if there the diagnosis confirm, it consider valid.

white chits now in the price

Military registration and enlistment offices this year, on hearings, are going to organise the scale action on catching uklonistov. Special action details keep a secret. It is known only that former methods of type of ambushes at apartments clients with militia recognised as become outdated and prepare something new. Say that hunting will arrange not only for uklonistami, but also for the people, offering to help otmazatsja from army. And those, judging by quantity of announcements on fences and columns, in Novosibirsk it is a lot of.

By the way, the question price fluctuates from 30 to 60 thousand roubles. If at the recruit and so the whole bouquet of illnesses them it is simple hold out to worthlessness to service. And here if the guy is healthy as a bull, the price, accordingly - under a ceiling.


Whom in army will not call?

In army will not take away, if:

you study in the state high school on a full-time department;
not goden on a state of health;
you are married and wait for addition in family. Term of pregnancy of the wife should be not less than 26 weeks;
if has gone to work on a speciality directly upon termination of university on the terms of full time in the state organisations which list is defined by the Government of the Russian Federation every year;
you look after the near relation - the invalid;
has taken the academic vacation at university (only the first!).

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