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Victor Tolokonsky: On the accepted measures and the received results to report on me daily in 9 mornings

On all country the wave of indignation concerning a rise in prices, and especially on foodstuff has risen. Today president Vladimir Putin has demanded from the government to understand, why the foodstuffs have risen in price. Has reacted to a rise in prices and governor of the region Victor Tolokonsky. The governor as considers that the price situation which has developed in the consumer market of the Novosibirsk region, demands immediate and resolute actions.

- today in region the complex of the prime measures directed on reduction of prices on essential commodities will be already accepted, - Victor Tolokonsky has declared, acting on advice of administration of the region.

Head of area has underlined that today it will already sign the corresponding order which provides introduction of a mode of daily work of the street trading markets with obligatory presence of assortment of essential commodities.

- bread, milk, sour cream, butter concern that animal and vegetative, cheeses, beef and pork meat, the fowl, certain assortment of meat products with low price parametres, groats, rice, sugar, salt, vegetables, a potato, - Victor Aleksandrovich has explained. - These and a number of other goods will be in the obligatory list exposed on sale in all street markets.

head of area also has informed that special trading zones will be generated as in the operating markets of rural settlements of area, and in streets, public transport stops, at metro stations.

- at the expense of absence of trading extra charges we will receive the offer more low, than in the price market, - Victor Tolokonsky has noted.

One more series of measures will be connected with processing manufacture. Here the assortment of let out production with addition of the goods with low price indicators and reduction of manufacture of expensive products will be corrected. - first of all it will concern dairy and meat manufacture, and also release of bakery products.

will co-ordinate work the first deputy of the Governor Vasily Jurchenko and vitse - the governor - the head of regional department of agriculture Victor Gergert. The working group to which it is entrusted till Wednesday, will simultaneously be generated on October, 10th, to prepare the schedule of placing of the street markets.

- on the accepted measures and the received results to report on me daily in 9 mornings, - Governor Victor Tolokonsky summarised.


if you know shops where products are on sale at the old prices, write, please, their addresses.