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Maxim Galkin hides from admirers in wood

Yesterday correspondents in Novosibirsk have visited a country cottage where have lodged the Russian star

From city centre to a place where have hidden Maxim Galkin, - drivings of minutes 40 if will do without stoppers. On departure from Novosibirsk along Mochishchensky highway the private sector lasts. When we turn off from highway in birch wood, it becomes easier to breathe. That behind birches the elite settlement settles down, it is possible to guess only. Here, behind a massive stone fence, also the cottage in which Maxim has lodged hides. Have published the house reminds a summer residence of the high-ranking official with all its attributes: protection, heavy moulding on collars and a satellite plate on a roof. We approach to collars and after second meditation we press the communication button.

- please, pass, - the pleasant female voice responds.

From a little push a heavy door as on magic wand wave, opens. We get to fine equipped courtyard: some constructions from a brick, the accurate asphalted paths and a ladder with pig-iron moulding, the leader in a cottage.

- hello! - us the manager affably meets. - that you wanted?

we stretch a hot Booths with newspapers after all in wood you will not find, and the information on Maxim`s arrival to our city very much is to be passed the hero of a material.

- thanks, we will pass, - the manager responds us. - but only Maxim at us does not live any more. Here it was not pleasant to it, and it has moved to other cottage...

we give thanks to the personnel for the kind relation and on - former we wait for Maxim on a visit in edition. We believe that it happens!

And at this time

I went with Maxim in one train!

Yesterday in edition our reader Oksana has called and has informed us that it went in that train Volgograd-uhlan - Ude, in next to Galkin of a compartment.

- it stood with us in one turn in a toilet, and when we moved the railway bridge through Ob, one of passengers with irony has told: Look, what is this the river, it is a rivulet any!

and Maxim has interceded for our city and has responded it: And what it is not pleasant to you? At you in Kostroma, or whence you there go, on a broader scale, probably, the river is not present . The passenger has become silent at once. And talking to us, Galkin really some times changed voices. Probably, it at it professional.

Alexey SMOLJAKOV and