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Indemnifications for army rations are going to triple

on July, 20th our readers could call on the Direct line in edition and to set the head of the regional organisation of the All-Russian trade union of military men to Yury Tarlavinu the questions.

Among all categories of exempts, perhaps, it is most as a result of a monetization military men, especially retired have suffered. Millions people have lost the privileges. But social reform is not necessary on a place, changes still approach. A leah will be saved remained sotsgarantii? For That to wait otstavnikam from Moscow?

two weeks ago from capital the head of the regional organisation of the All-Russian trade union of military men Yury Tarlavin has returned. Within a month Yury Alekseevich communicated with the Moscow officials and the deputies concerning privileges for military men. On July, 20th it has answered questions of our readers.

When will repay debts otstavnikam?

Ivan Konstantinovich, the major in resignation: - a leah Truth, what will increase indemnification for rations?

- Truth. In Moscow I met the chairman of committee on defence of the State Duma by Victor Mihajlovichem Zavarzin, with the assistant to the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation the general - colonel Vladimir Anatolevichem Shamanovym (it supervises military questions in the government), with the adviser of the chairman of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation Vladimir Nikolaevichem Danilov. As they said, the group of deputies of the State Duma has acted with the legislative initiative to increase indemnification for rations to 60 roubles a day since January, 1st, 2006. But it while the assumption, it is not fixed yet legislatively. Now we wait for budget acceptance for 2006, it will occur in October - November. In the budget expenses on increase pajkovyh should be put.

Ivan Sergeevich Garponjuk, the veteran of military service: - Pajkovye last years were paid irregularly, the big debts have collected. A leah will give out us this money?

- it is valid, the problem such is. Deputies and officials from retired military men try to solve it, but, unfortunately, at us is in the government so-called liberal the block which conceives military pensioners as an unnecessary burden. They assert that at us 8 million military pensioners which the country cannot support. (Actually, according to the assistant to the Pension fund Danilov, at us only 2 million military pensioners). In general, business meanwhile on debts from a dead point has not moved, despite the positive decision of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation and on a large quantity of claims in usual courts. The total debts on the country make about 200 billion roubles. These are huge money, third of stabilisation fund. Therefore officials in the government are interested to play for time - someone from otstavnikov simply will not live, someone sopetsja, someone will spit and will forget...

Sergeev Anatoly Borisovich: - Earlier we had a possibility at greatly reduced prices to go on treatment in sanatorium. And now?

- the Sanatorium privilege we have defended. At the one who is dismissed from army under normal article and has 20 - a summer period of service (only a military period of service, not including training on military stand and etc.) There is a right to buy for 25 % of cost a vacation package in military sanatorium or the centre of productive leisure (camp site) and to write out travel cards on itself and immediate families. I will notice that the big role in upholding of our rights the March protest action when in five seaside cities on streets simultaneously there were some thousand otstavnikov has played. I when was in Moscow was convinced that this action has been noticed in the government and has made upon officials the necessary impression. In capital I met heads of the All-Russia public organisations of military men. Such as Leonid Ivashov (the Majestic union), Victor Ilyukhin (Movement in support of army), Igor Rodionov (trade union of military men), Vladimir Tkachenko (the Union of the Soviet officers), Stanislav Terekhov (the Union of officers) and we have made decision in the autumn in common to spend a number of protest actions. We should struggle for our rights and we hope that otstavniki will not sit out...

To widows of officers for housing - utilities did not cancel indemnification

Tatyana Vasilevna Sidorenko: - Hello, Yury Alekseevich. In a month with a tail will come 60 - I anniversary of victory of the USSR over Japan in the Second World War. Thus any preparation for this date it is not conducted. Really will become silent? What does it turn out - we Kuriles promise that to them, we forget about victory?

- it is perfect with you it agree. We already left in regional Legislative Assembly with the initiative to recognise day of victory over Japan a memorial. Deputies have concerned this offer with understanding, and, as far as I know, now they prepare the corresponding reference in the State Duma. We hope that other Far East regions will join us also.

Olga Gigorevna: - I am a widow of the officer. Why from me take the rent in full?

- as widows of the military man should subtract cost of 18 square metres From your rent for your died husband. If it does not occur, be converted to us into a public reception to the address: street Aleutian, 45, kab. 405 (ph. 40 - 10 - 90), we will help you. By the way, at me for you news. Since October, 2004 to widows indemnifications on housing - utilities have ceased to pay - it turned out about five hundred roubles. And so, according to the assistant to the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Anatolevicha Shamanova, now there should be a governmental order which defines an order of payments to widows of indemnifications on payment housing - utilities, to a monthly fee for wire phone and the collective aerial. Shamans assures that the question is almost already solved also all debts from last autumn will be extinguished.

Vladimir Gaponenko, the captain 3 - go a rank in resignation: - Since 2002 to pension have added only 240 roubles where it suits? A leah will increase pensions of military men?

- As me have assured of the government, the question of increase in pensions is already almost solved. Increase since January, 1st 2006 is supposed for 15 percent and in two next years still annually for 10 percent. It not extra charges, namely a base unit of a monetary contentment from which the pension is charged. It is indemnification for inflation.

a question on electronic mail

the Senior warrant officer Taziev Haris Ilyich, the senior warrant officer Shkil Valery Fedorovich, the captain 2 - go a rank Grigoriev Vladimir Stepanovich: - What privileges are available now for the military men served 25 years and transferred to the reserve on reaching age limit?

- Veterans of military service, having reached 60 years, are equated to veterans of work and have the right to certain social guarantees: 50 - a percentage discount at housing and communal services payment, free journey to a municipal transportation (or payment of indemnification for free journey), suburban transport (though it already depends on local authorities, the federal law in this respect is not present). As to long-distance transport there was with us a possibility of free journey on sanatorno - resort treatment or rest. At vacation package acquisition in sanatorium for 25 percent of cost on yourselves and 50 percent - on members of a family, you have the right to write out travel papers in a military registration and enlistment office. Besides, in the absence of own habitation to you are obliged to compensate habitation hiring. Free treatment of wives and children in hospitals and military polyclinics, indemnification of the tax to real estate...

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