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From - for a fuel and energy crisis in krajbolnitse the person has died?

the reader " has assumed; also has asked to check up this information.

Vladivostoktsy still well remember a fuel and energy crisis which has happened last Wednesday, on July, 20th. From - for a wire breakage the capital of Primorski Krai has remained without electricity at 5 o`clock ( for on July, 21st and on July, 22nd . And next day after failure on the electronic address of edition the letter has come:

In regional hospital at the moment of disconnect there was the most complicated kardiohirurgicheskaja operation, - the reader, wished to remain writes to unknown persons. - the generator has sufficed on support of a small part of equipment. Operation has been tightened at 4 o`clock. Next day the patient has died... If not light, it would live - the fact!!! Who will respond? understand!

the Comment of the doctor

the patient had in advance an adverse forecast

Anatoly Gerets.

to Understand the reasons of a tragical case Anatoly GERETS, the head physician of regional hospital has helped .

- Yes when have disconnected light, in hospital there were two difficult operations. One of them - on open heart. Next day the operated patient has died. But, I assure you, it is not connected with disconnect of light in any way! in - the first , we have connected at once generators. The device of artificial blood circulation can work and on batteries. So supply in operational was continuous. And in - the second , this patient from the very beginning had an adverse forecast. Before it was already performed by three operations, but the diagnosis was very heavy: a serious heart disease, an aneurysm. Therefore the death has come at all from - for energy disconnects. And the more so not from - for doctors: very skilled experts worked. They have felt shock when in the heat of operation light has gone out, but have coped with stirring.

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