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« Have defended the right wheel, now we undertake for OSAGO! »

on July, 30th the Vladivostok motorists prepare a new mass protest action.

Unlike the action on May, 19th when the column of the protesting hooting by horns was generated spontaneously, this time all will pass organizovanno. Responsibility has incurred remedial public organisation the Freedom in choosing . In organising committee active workers of last demarche have united. And on July, 15th leaders of the organisation have received documents on official check in.

the leader Freedom in choosing Vladimir Litvinov has told We demand essentially to change the transport tax. As it stands it is simple the tax to property. We do not accept operating system of insurance of an autocivil liability. Tariffs are not thought over. Fair indignation is called by a rigid binding to the car. The owner of transport, irrespective of by what it goes should bear responsibility. We achieve state regulation of the prices for gasoline.

On a popular automobile site auto. vl. ru fierce discussion was developed, a leah it is necessary to protest publicly again.

the active worker of movement Sergey Belov considers that it is the effective form of the protest:

- the People have voiced the discontent. And the right wheel have not forbidden. Duties on import of foreign cars have not lifted. That in a city the lawlessness with evacuation of cars has stopped, too, I think, there is a shred and our work.

Organizers assume that On July, 30th in a march and protest meeting will participate about thousand persons. Vladimir Litvinov hopes that action will do without excesses. As he said, the mayoralty has authorised for action carrying out. The column will be accompanied by militia.

gathering of participants of the action of the protest is appointed on July, 30th at 11 o`clock on the Beauty prospectus . To all will distribute orange ribbons and other symbolics. Two buses are provided. They will wait on the top platform of a cable car. The organised column will pass on a city to kartodromu on Zmeinke. There any interested person can be voiced that at it has become painful. After discussion the resolution will be accepted. The total document will pass deputies of regional Legislative Assembly. And they in turn - in the State Duma.

inquiries on a forthcoming protest action can be received by phone:

98 - 27 - 57