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Have driven a sign, that otmazat the originator of road accident?

almost half a year 19 - summer motorist Igor Korentsov has legal proceedings with GAI of Vladivostok.

Igor, Inna Korentsova`s mum was converted Into edition. It helps the young driver to defend the rights:

- the Son went on road on which constantly repeating signs 5 operate. 10. 1 Road with the allocated strip for routeing vehicles (movement of trolley buses towards to the basic steam of cars). It in area VgUeSa. It moved along a continuous marking of this line. Though it was visible indistinctly, but is distinguishable. Business was on February, 2nd in the evening. It has gathered in resolved place to turn on the left on minor road. Has shown in advance turn, has stopped, being convinced of security of maneuver. And here the jeep at the left flies by and beats our car in the left lateral forward part the back right wheel. Blow was such force that splinters from headlights have scattered to 13 metres, a bumper has broken off also it has flown through road on right side. The jeep only then has stopped (metres through 30). The driver has on foot approached, has seen at the wheel the boy of 18 years, tried to load. And having understood that GAI have called, has handed over back to splinters . Has driven off on 13 metres.

Igor and the parents who have approached to the place of road accident waited a GAI squad within six hours. Evgenie Nikitin, the driver of a jeep, persuaded all:

- Let`s part. At me in GAI it`s OK. All the same will include obojudku.

Inna, having arrived on a place of accident of the son, has first of all asked the driver of a jeep, in what insurance company at it the autocitizen is issued. Nikitin has responded at once that the policy at it is not present . And then suddenly in business materials there is a company policy AVIKOS which at all does not work in the Far East. Obstinate Korentsova was not too lazy to make inquiry about it and has received the answer. It has appeared that the policy with such number is given out absolutely other citizen and on other car. At Evgenie Nikitin surprising memory blackouts were suddenly showed. Where made out a paper? In the answer: I do not remember. Where - that in the street . It is heavy to believe that the person has paid for the insurance almost 7 thousand roubles and has not taken an interest in legality of the bought document. By the way, the false policy is dated on February, 2nd, that is has been ostensibly given out in day of road accident.

one more moment has strongly interested Korentsovyh. Citizen Nikitin is registered in the Novosibirsk region. In Vladivostok it has received time check in for 3 months. There was it on April, 12th last year. And next day after that significant event - on April, 13th - it has received the driver`s licence. Will tell, so does not happen? Meticulous Inna has x-copies of all documents.

well and in attempt to lay the blame for road accident on the young driver someone has reached a farce. Under the Gogol outcome have driven a sign which requirement was executed ostensibly by Igor. We have specially driven to admire this sign. It is not known, from what dustbin it have pulled out. On a dirty ragged tin traces whether the torn off poster, whether the announcement. And have thrust a stick on which the sign is strengthened, it is unsuccessful enough. If specially for it not to search in a bridge shade, it is difficult to notice.

the Marking on road podsterlas, but it is.

Korentsovy have still doubted that the road accident scheme is made correctly. The matter is that exists three schemes of the same failure. And the data in them differs up to width proezzhej parts. On analysis of flights in GAI have come to a conclusion about mutual fault of participants of road accident. Korentsova have counted as the infringer at maneuver fulfilment. And to Nikitin have made a carelessness on road.

however the court recognised legitimacy of claims of Igor Korentsova to the second participant of road accident. Evgenie Nikitin is obliged to indemnify a loss put legkovushke. And the sum not the small. Examination has estimated traumas of an iron horse on 42 thousand roubles . Here only the originator of failure during all these lawsuits has had time to replace demountable apartment and the car. Its cellular telephone does not respond... Inna is full of determination to achieve justice.


In case of low visibility the marking is not fixed

Igor Korentsov has received the answer to the claims to car inspection. The chief of GAI of the Department of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok Igor EFIMENKO has signed it :

- In the scheme of road accident traffic signs represent schematically. On the given site are expensive there is a sign which informs drivers that throughout Gogol`s street one-way traffic is organised. At drawing up of the scheme of road accident are specified width proezzhej parts and visible elements of a road marking. In case of absence of a marking or low visibility it is not fixed. At scheme drawing up dorozhno - transport incident other persons for rendering of the practical help can be involved.

Igor`s NOVIKOVA Photo.