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to win $20 000, has enclosed in « Skajlajn » $45 000!

the Vladivostok racer became the absolute champion at the All-Russia competitions on drags - rejsingu.

In the end of June fight of motors in Krasnoyarsk was a subject of heated disputes on all automobile the Internet - forums. Such competitions in Russia yet was not. The heat is comparable unless with atmosphere on to the Formula - 1 . Races passed on a runway of local airdrome. Behind the dose of adrenaline motorists went for thousand kilometres. Rivalry was the most severe. Very serious competition was represented by the Moscow racers on the European foreign cars. They have enclosed mad euros in tuning of the race cars . To force the European to fly, it is required not less than 70 thousand.

Tuning Nicsan Skajlajn for drags - rejsinga.

Vladivostok on races was represented by the yesterday`s student of legal institute Roman Nagervadze. To be ill for it to Krasnoyarsk have arrived about 20 inhabitants of seaside capital. The novel of Nagervadze has bought sports Nicsan Skajlajn by request in Japan specially for participation in Drags - Fight. The car and its preparation for races in Japanese tuning company Duke Racing has managed in 45 thousand dollars .

Tuning Nicsan Skajlajn for drags - rejsinga.

the Engine in 900 horsepowers.

Under a cowl Niscan Skajlajna the Novel of Nagervadze 900 horsepowers hide. On Drags - Fight it has passed a distance of 402 metres for 10,7 seconds. On Japanese roads this car showed time of 9,3 seconds.

competitions have not done without dramas. At the Novel the fourth speed in a transmission has failed. And on races it had to be switched from the third transfer at once to the fifth. And still it became the first:

- the Main thing, in my victory that I have proved advantage of Japanese cars before the European. Has lifted authority of Vladivostok as automobile capital of Russia. When received an award, took pride in our city, - tells the Novel .

the champion have awarded in 20 thousand dollars . Still to the winner have handed over a challenge cup in weight in 16,7 kg. It represents a steel wheel in a vice with an engraving of a name and the car of the winner of Fight.

On the Niscane Skajlajne the Novel of Nagervadze has passed a distance of 402 metres for 10,7 seconds.

the Novel shows the swallow. From an engine roar squeal signalki on the cars parked nearby. It is result of tuning. In the racing car the main thing - capacity. In salon skaja Unique armchair - the driver. At competitions japonochka rushed with a speed about 220 kilometres per hour.

- overloads serious, - are told by the racer, - approximately 3G. Presses into a seat back Literally.

by Roman Nagervadze this car plans to participate and in following Drags - Fight. It plan in the summer of 2006 besides in Krasnoyarsk.

Special wheels an extreme - a drive for $350.

- I Will send skaj to Japan in the same firm for preparation. Mister Nidzuki, the director of company Duke Racing, - the present expert in this business. We invited him to Krasnoyarsk to the championship. It has very much helped Far East racers. And we were thrown off to it only on journey and hostel. It is a pity that this kind of motor racing practically does not develop in Primorski Krai. Though serious fans of drags - rejsinga are both in Vladivostok, and in the Find. We chase sometimes in Shtykovo. And competitions of such level as were in Krasnoyarsk, on a broader scale is unreal to organise without support of the authorities and the solid sponsor`s help. And what there support if us and from Shtykovsky airdrome squeeze out.

rivalry at following competitions really is expected the most severe. Participants of the first of Drags - rejsinga - people in cash. It is enough to tell that Muscovites have arrived to Krasnoyarsk a charter flight. And the chartered plane waited for them to deliver back. Every days expectations have managed in $16 thousand. So competitors, having seen possibilities Skajlajna - the champion, undoubtedly will not regret money to come off from primortsa. And in garage at uncle Vasi the car cannot be prepared for races of such level. So prosperity to firm of the father of the Novel - the general sponsor of the young racer.

the inquiry

Races Drag Racing are pair arrivals on a straight line on a distance in a quarter of overland mile, 402 metres. The car should have a serial civil body (hinged elements can be facilitated) in a basis. The configuration provided by manufacturer " Also should not be broken; a body - the engine (the engine can be any and as much as strongly modernised). In the car the fixed fire extinguisher is necessary. The racer should be in a helmet and will fasten seat belts.

That how much?

From Vladivostok to Krasnoyarsk and back organizers carried cars of Far East participants raketovozom at own expense.

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