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In Primorski Krai the military stand remains only in DVGTU?

In technical college expect inflow of entrants, the others work in a usual mode.

In mass-media there was a draught list of 30 Russian high schools in which military stands are saved. It in eight times is less, than was earlier. According to this list in Primorski Krai officers will prepare only at Far East state technical university ( DVGTU ). Than this choice is called, experts of department of science and education of regional administration do not know even.

- in the Ministry of Defence of our opinion did not ask, when chose high school with military stand, - Ekaterina Chernovitsky managing department of the higher vocational training and a science of agrarian and industrial complex speaks. - At DVGU, for example, very good base for preparation of officers.

With liquidation of military stand in DVGU, the beautiful tradition will disappear also - in university birthday the celebratory column is headed by the decorated armored troop-carrier.

the White paper neither in high schools, nor in regional administration yet did not see. At Military institute DVGU a situation have refused to make comments before receipt of a ministerial paper. It expect to receive in September.

- we work in a usual mode. Military gathering now come to an end, - Sergey Smirnov, the chief of Military institute DVGU has informed us.

Rector DVGTU Gennady Turmov and officers of the Moscow State University of Nevelsky also keep silence about forthcoming reorganisation.

meanwhile to lucky beggar DVGTU predict competition increase - to study - that in students more easy there where there is a guaranteed military stand.

by the way

Pluses and minuses of military stand:

1. It gives, though any guarantee that you not zaberu in army in the middle of study. From our government it is possible to wait for any mucks.
2. If you are frightened by prospect to minister after institute of the private soldier being the student of military stand, you can conclude the contract with military department for the term from three till five years of obligatory officer service upon termination of high school. Then will order the former students.
3. If you do not want to pull an officer strap three years, can go to minister to private soldiers for one year. Or, most likely, the sergeant.

As upon termination of high school it is necessary to minister to everything you one day in a week should study military science, while students of high schools without voenok will receive more profound knowledge on the chosen speciality. Theoretically, level of their preparation will be above.

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