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The veteran of work spent the night open-air two days

Yesterday in edition reader Vasily Korobko has called and has informed that Ivan Golovashchenko`s house was taken down the bulldozer by new owners of land.

- at us on the Seagull two days the pensioner lives in the street! Its house have taken down, and why - it is not clear. Understand.

Ivan Golovashchenko with the rests of things.

Street Serova... We have found not at once the destroyed small house among two-storeyed brick cottages. But when all - taki have reached a place, have found out Ivan Fomicha Golovashchenko drinking coffee open-air. Nearby the heap had been piled boards and iron - everything that remains from its dwelling.

- there has arrived to me in the morning on Monday the bulldozer, - razgorjachenno Ivan Fomich has declared to us. - Local kooperativshchiki have told: the Grandfather, ruin! You here do not live any more! .

as it has appeared, on a place of the house of Golovashchenko new Russian were going to build a cottage. And to get rid of old tenants, have simply ordered to them to be cleaned.

a peasant house of the old man have taken down in an hour. He has had time to take out only a bed, dvuhkonforochnuju the furnace, a table and a ware part.

1. the Cottage. 2. the Destroyed house. 3. Traces from the bulldozer. `>
1. the Cottage. 2. the Destroyed house. 3. Traces from the bulldozer.

Builders have left, having threatened at last that the pensioner has fast disappeared from a site. But Golovashchenko has decided to arrange a protest action . And two days has spent open-air. Slept on a bed which stood directly on the earth. At night on it has watered a rain. Ivan Fomich has more strong muffled in a blanket.

only yesterday the unfortunate had a new house. The son of the pensioner Andrey has transported it to itself on Sedanku.

Other opinion

has called new owners of a site.

Lyudmila Petrovna M has told to us:

- This grandfather has lodged on a site illegally. I have documents on this earth, I have redeemed it. Him warned, that it has cleaned a kitchen garden. But it has made nothing. Itself it is guilty!

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Natalia ZHELDAK.