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In Primorski Krai there was a shark - the murderer?

the Khabarovsk skin-divers assert that in Hasansky area saw white sea hishchnitsu.

About a case on Hasanshchine all Primorski Territory now hoots. Three skin-divers in one of bays around the Slav have come across a six-metre shark. Only by a lucky chance anybody from people has not suffered.

the inquiry

the White shark - largest of modern predatory sharks. Its usual sizes make 5 - 6 m. the Greatest of the measured individuals of this kind had length of 11 m. This hishchnitsa is among the sharks most dangerous to the person. Only it is during the last years documentary testified more than 100 attacks. Attacks of a white shark are noted not only in open waters, but also near to coast - in bays and on beaches.

witnesses of incident were converted Into edition.

- in last target my friends - divers from Khabarovsk went to dive into area of the Slav, - Sergey P has told to us. - When have already started to emerge, one of them has felt a light blow in back area. From a push the hose has torn. When the guy has turned back, has seen a white shark. As have then told, from a boat it looked not less than 6 metres.

the Second skin-diver has quickly hidden at the bottom. And the third on a broader scale it did not see, was engaged in the affairs. The shark has floated and has disappeared as unexpectedly, as well as has appeared. When guys have got out on a boat, them has strongly shaken. They could not talk plainly. Two bottles of cognac have rescued business only. And children have decided to reconsider the relation to diving.

this case already is with might and main discussed on the Internet. On one of the Vladivostok forums there was a message that the Khabarovsk divers Nikolay Romanov, Oleg Budakov and Dmitry Tjukalov were participants of extreme immersing . All three - from sports club Fight (federation of fights without rules). the Author writes:

- I Know all personally and talked to all on this subject. To confuse with katranami (small harmless sharks. - a comment red. ) not could unequivocally as before they already met them. And here there was a huge thick shark - a grey back and a white stomach - with triangular teeth. It has had a bite hoses of the jack of buoyancy and a dry suit.

wrote about a similar case two years ago. At first huge six-metre sharks have noticed at Find coast. Every other day flight zubastyh already saw near to island Popova.

Seldevaja a shark.

- Most likely, it were seldevye sharks, - Vladimir Dolganov, the senior research assistant laboratoii ichthyology of Institute of biology of the sea has calmed then our correspondents. - They come often into sea of Japan in the summer and approach close to coast. These sharks eat various fish and are not dangerous to the person.

it is possible, as this time to the Khabarovsk skin-divers has seemed .

the Call to the Slav

Vladimir EFIMTSEV, head of department GO and CHS Hasansky area:

- For the first time I hear about a white shark at our coast. Neither having a rest, nor local residents about it to us were not converted. I will enquire. If something is found out, I will necessarily inform As required an attack of sharks call in management GO And CHS Slavs. ph.: (231 41 - 9 - 53 .

the Comment of the expert

Vadim Savinyh.

Vadim SAVINYH, Cand.Biol.Sci., deputy director TINRO - the Center:

- On a broader scale - that for sharks rather early. They love warmer water. Most likely that divers have met with seldevoj a shark. It, truth, on the size approximately 2 - 2,5 metres. And here it is a question about 6 - a metre copy. However water deforms proportions. And to the skin-diver from a fright fish could seem to the huge. I remember, last year a white whale have accepted for a white shark. As - that has cast a whale shark ashore.

the Chronicle

1947. Near Plastuna the shark mako has been caught. It reaches four metres at length.

the end 70 - h. At cape Gamova (Hasansky r-) on a circle (the fishing adaptation) the white shark has got.

the middle 90 - h. In Olginsky area in networks has got confused and the grey shark was lost.

July, 2003. Sharks saw at cape Rotary and in water area of a gulf America on which coast there is a port the Find. There were sharks also at island Popova and settlement the Slav.

July, 2004. Under the information Southern - Kuril regional inspection ryboohrany managements Sahalinrybvod there was an attack zubastoj creatures on the person on severo - the island east, about Dokuchayev`s cape, on depth of 20 metres. The attacked shark has broken off 33 - to the summer diver of a muscle of the left hip and caviar. The foot to doctors managed to be rescued. The victim asserted that became a victim of the big white shark.